Fees and charges to rise by standard 1.9 per cent

The State Government has today gazetted a schedule of fees and charges for 2021-22, with most to increase by the standard government indexation rate of 1.9% – which is consistent with the practice under the former Labor government.

The 1.9% increase covers a range of charges, including conveyancing fees, land valuations, motor vehicle registration and administration fees.

For example, the cost to register a motorbike will increase $1 to $46, a driver’s licence annual fee will increase by $1 to $48, registration for a 4-cylinder vehicle will increase by $3 to $138, registration for a trailer will increase by $2 to $83, and issuing or renewing a learner’s permit will increase by $1 to $48.

Due to rounding issues, the actual percentage increases in some cases might be slightly different to 1.9%.

In other cases, the independent Heavy Vehicle National Regulator administers annual fee increases determined by a nationally calculated indexation factor for heavy vehicle penalty and infringement notices, which in 2021-22 will be 0.9%. Heavy vehicle registration increases, which are recommended by the National Transport Council, will be 2.5% in 2021-22.

Treasurer Rob Lucas said the Government had limited fee increases to the standard indexation rate, which had been used by previous governments over many years, as the Government strives to keep costs low for South Australians.

“The fee schedule for 2021-22 reflects a standard, or normal, increase despite significant budget challenges as a result of COVID-19,” said Mr Lucas.

“The former Labor government took the very same approach over 16 years.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is delivering significantly lower costs for South Australians, with the average* household now approximately $930 better off under our lower-cost policies.”

The huge hip-pocket savings include massive reductions in average household water and sewerage bills (an average $200 a year saving), cheaper ESL bills ($163.60), cheaper electricity ($269), reduced car rego costs through lower CTP Insurance premiums for a 2 car family ($200) and a doubling of sports vouchers for primary school-aged children’s swimming and other sports lessons (from $50 to $100).

*For a typical Adelaide household with two children and two cars, this equates to around $933 in annual budget relief.

The standard indexation rate takes into account annual public sector wages growth and the Consumer Price Index, which currently sits at 1.2%.

Other fees, fines and charge rises – including public transport fares, traffic fines and expiation notices – will be gazetted early next month.

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