First “High Purity Alumina” project to join Australian Aluminium Council

Australian Aluminium Council

First “High Purity Alumina” project to join Australian Aluminium Council – Strengthening Australia’s clean technology and export commodity opportunities

The Australian Aluminium Council (the Council) is pleased to announce that Alpha HPA Limited has joined as a new member, diversifying the Council’s representation to include high purity alumina (HPA) for the first time.

Executive Director of the Council, Marghanita Johnson said “We welcome Alpha HPA to the Council. We are excited at the prospect of representing a new product which is set to be made in Australia and distributed to the world as part of the ever-growing range of products we will need to meet technology challenges – today and into the future”.

Aluminium oxide (Al2O3), better known as alumina, has been produced in Australia for more than fifty years and is largely supplied to the global aluminium smelting industry, usually at purities of more than 99%. Increasing the purity of alumina to 99.99% or more to make HPA also takes alumina into applications in a new world of technologies with strong growth opportunities in a decarbonising world. HPA is used to make safer, more efficient and longer lasting lithium-ion batteries, synthetic sapphire for LED lighting and high technology optics. The applications for HPA in low carbon markets are growing, making HPA a critical mineral of the future.

Ms. Johnson said “Today’s announcement shows the importance of a strong regional manufacturing base in Australia. Alpha HPA is planning to leverage Australia’s existing industry to create this new manufacturing opportunity.”

Ms. Johnson also said “Strengthening our national manufacturing capabilities now will put Australia in the strongest possible position to meet these future forecasts for not only traditional commodities such as bauxite, alumina and aluminium; but also, other emerging aluminium related commodities, like HPA, aluminium alloys and aluminium salts. As the world’s largest producer of bauxite and the largest exporter of alumina, Australia is strategically positioned to support this opportunity.”

Rimas Kairaitis Managing Director of Alpha HPA added “Alpha HPA is delighted to be joining the Australian Aluminium Council. We are developing our first HPA Project in Gladstone, alongside some of the world’s largest manufacturers of metallurgical grade alumina. We believe our high purity technology and product offering are a fantastic showcase in the role of aluminium products in energy transition and decarbonisation. “

About the Council

The Australian Aluminium Council (the Council) represents Australia’s bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting and downstream processing industries. The aluminium industry has been operating in Australia since 1955, and over the decades has been a significant contributor to the nation’s economy. It includes five large (>10 Mt per annum) bauxite mines plus several smaller mines which collectively produce over 100 Mt per annum making Australia the world’s largest producer of bauxite. Australia is the world’s largest exporter of alumina with six alumina refineries producing around 20 Mt per annum of alumina. Australia is the sixth largest producer of aluminium, with four aluminium smelters and additional downstream processing industries including more than 20 extrusion presses. Aluminium is Australia’s highest earning manufacturing export. The industry directly employs more than 17,000 people, including 4,000 full time equivalent contractors. It also indirectly supports around 60,000 families predominantly in regional Australia.

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