Not so long ago, in a Brisbane City Hall not so far away, the Band of the 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery (1 Regt, RAA ) entertained friends, families and members of Brisbane’s arts and creative industries community with musical scores from the Star Wars saga.

Jedi Knights from across Brisbane, including 1 Regt, RAA’s partners from universities, high schools, industry, and not-for-profit sectors, brought their younglings to enjoy music from the band earlier this month, while raising money for veterans’ families through Legacy Brisbane.

Commanding Officer of 1 Regt, RAA and devout Star Wars fan Lieutenant Colonel James Groves said the theme was chosen because it represented hope.

“What we’re doing tonight is celebrating hope, and the Star Wars story is one of hope,” Lieutenant Colonel Groves said.

“We’re here celebrating the relationship that Defence has with the Brisbane community, and the band of the 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery are performing music from the Star Wars saga as part of that celebration.

“We’re also raising money for Legacy, which has been delivering hope to the families of Australian veterans who have died since the First World War.

“Our friends at Brisbane City Council and the 501st Legion’s Redback Garrison are helping us realise that hope.”

1 Regt, RAA Band Master Warrant Officer Class One Mick Beeton said the event was a good opportunity for a decent-sized band to play in a beautiful venue.

“The music of John Williams is pretty hard to beat, and his film-score writing is second to none, so this is exciting music to draw the crowd out,” WO1 Beeton said.

“There’s been a good crowd turn up, it’s exciting for us, and the music is very lively – there are even some love themes.

“It’s most enjoyable to play.”