Further support for initiatives to prevent domestic, family and sexual violence

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The State Government is providing focused funding to support innovative prevention initiatives that tackle the prevalence of family, domestic and sexual violence.

Don’t Become That Man, an early intervention program run by OARS Community Transitions for men who are concerned about their controlling or violent behaviour, is set to receive a boost of more than $700,000 over three years.

The program offers a telephone hotline and live web chat, offering counselling services via telephone, face to face and through virtual platforms to support men to understand and make positive changes to their behaviour and attitudes so that it is no longer harmful to women and children.

The move comes as the State Government continues to coordinate and integrate place-based, localised initiatives which are culturally safe and responsive to people’s needs.

This focus on culturally safe initiatives has also led to funding the Aboriginal Domestic Violence Youth Worker Program, delivered by KWY Aboriginal Corporation in metropolitan Adelaide. The program provides one-on-one case management and therapeutic support to assist young people to understand the impact of using violence, take accountability for their behaviour and develop tools to intercept future violent urges and behaviours.

South Australian men concerned about their behaviour or wanting to talk confidentially can access:

*Don’t Become That Man – operated by OARS in South Australia, Monday to Friday 2pm to 7pm – call 1300 24 34 13 or visit dontbecomethatman.org.au.

*Men’s Referral Service – this helpline operated by No To Violence nationally is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – call 1300 766 491.

Those interested in the services offered by KWY can find out more at kwy.org.au.

As put by Katrine Hildyard

The ongoing prevalence of domestic, family and sexual violence is utterly unacceptable and a call to action.

That action must include challenging and shifting gender inequality and associated disrespectful and harmful attitudes and behaviours toward women.

We are proud to be working with two outstanding organisations to do just that. KWY Aboriginal Corporation and OARS Community Transitions walk with men to change their attitudes and behaviours and end the cycle of domestic, family and sexual violence.

We are really pleased to fund them to undertake innovative programs to do so and to do so in culturally appropriate ways. I have no doubt that the work of KWY and OARS will help in stopping violence before it starts.

This investment sits alongside a range of other investments – including committing a further $4.8 million in the 2024-25 Budget to support the coordination of the Royal Commission into Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence and ensure the continuation of a number of crucial response services.

As put by Leigh Garrett, CEO, OARS Community Transitions

OARS Community Transitions is pleased to receive this significant funding to consolidate our Don’t Become That Man Service and keep women in South Australia safer.

Don’t Become That Man will operate in harmony with the OARS CT Time Out for Treatment Programme and the Collaborative Intervention Programme in partnership with KWY Aboriginal Corporation.

Our established relationships with the community sector and justice agencies in SA will leverage our ability to successfully implement this service.

Solutions to tackling the unacceptable prevalence of violence against women must involve addressing the violent actions of perpetrators as early as possible.

As put by Craig Rigney, CEO, KWY Aboriginal Corporation

Early intervention is crucial in addressing the root causes of domestic, family and sexual violence.

At KWY, our trauma informed, culturally responsive practice is integral in having robust conversations to support young people understand accountability, respect and responsibility.

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