Game has changed forgambling harm

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The game has changed for gambling harm

The rise of smartphone gambling apps and online gaming are game changers in the gambling world, so Relationships Australia South Australia is focusing its Gambling Harm Awareness 2020 efforts on how to reduce online gambling harm.

Claire Ralfs, Chief Executive Officer, Relationships Australia South Australia, said the connection between online gaming and online gambling is a new trend exposing more young people to its dangers.

“Online gaming among children and young adults has created a potential pathway to online gambling, with gambling apps and websites using gamification techniques to entertain and encourage users to gamble,” she said.

“In the online world, and with people more isolated due to COVID-19 social distancing, more than ever gambling harm can happen anywhere, with younger gamers and online sports gamblers being particularly vulnerable”.

Relationships Australia South Australia is offering a series of online events called ‘Step Up and Reach Out’ to explore the connection between gaming and gambling, and how to navigate the risks while maintaining healthy relationships.

‘Step Up and Reach Out’ is tailored to meet the needs of young people, parents, teachers, professionals and multicultural communities – and will be available for use as an educational resource into the future.

Virginia Leeuwenburg, Executive General Manager, Gambling Help Services at Relationships Australia South Australia said a rapid increase in mobile phone and online sports-betting means gambling is happening outside of traditional bricks and mortar venues resulting in the month’s theme ‘Gambling harm can happen anywhere’.

“During Gambling Harm Awareness 2020, and at any time, it is vital to connect with people struggling with online gambling harm and let them know where they can find help,” said Ms Leeuwenburg.

If you are finding it hard to stop gambling Relationships Australia South Australia Gambling Help Services is here to support you. We are only a click away at you can call us on 1800 934 196.

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