Goatmeat Exports Surge In 2023

Key points:

  • Australian goatmeat export volumes grew 55% year-on-year in 2023.
  • China has overtaken Korea as the second largest market for Australian goatmeat.
  • US remains the largest export market for Australian goatmeat with 43% of the market share.

Australian goatmeat exports for 2023 reached their second highest volume on record for a calendar year since 2014.

A total of 33,891 tonnes of shipped weight (swt) Australian goatmeat was exported in 2023, a significant increase on the 21,831 swt exported in 2022.

While volume was up, the value of exports was down, reflecting the decline in export goatmeat prices from over $12/kg to below $7/kg over the past 18 months.

In 2023, total goatmeat exports were valued at A$237.5 million, down from A$261 million in 2022.

Top three markets

Australia’s top three goatmeat export markets for volume in 2023 were the United States, China and South Korea, reflecting the significant increase in volumes exported to China.

China has now overtaken Korea as our second largest export market, despite Korea also increasing its volume.

Market share and export volumes to these three markets in 2023:

  • The US accounted for 43% of Australian goatmeat exports, with volume increasing to 14,477 swt in 2023, up from 12,505 swt in 2022.
  • China accounted for 20% of Australian goatmeat exports, with volume increasing to 6,757 swt in 2023, up from 290 swt in 2022.
  • South Korea accounted for 18% of Australian goatmeat exports, with volume increasing to 5,994 swt in 2023, up from 3,757 swt in 2022.

Increasing volumes

A number of other markets also increased their volumes in 2023, including Trinidad and Tobago, and to a lesser extent, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Australia exported 1,697 swt to Trinidad and Tobago in 2023, up from 976 swt in 2022.

For Malaysia, volumes increased to 42 swt in 2023, up from 20 swt in 2022, while New Zealand increased its volume to 13 swt in 2023, up from 1 swt in 2022.

Indonesia, Oman, Jordan, and Mauritius all resumed imports of Australian goatmeat in 2023, after a hiatus in 2022.

Indonesia imported 206 swt; Oman 26 swt; Jordan 17 swt; and Mauritius 15 swt.

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