Growth of aesthetic and beauty industry in Australia

Torrens University

Following the recovery from the pandemic, the aesthetic and beauty industry continues to expand significantly. The industry’s continued growth is from clientele preferences for results-oriented dermal wellbeing procedures, using current and emerging facial and body rejuvenation devices and technological innovations.

In addition, we have witnessed the transformation of sole proprietorships into businesses with multiple employees and state-of-the-art facilities. Cosmetic clinics, Medispas, and wellness retreats continue to open in response to the public’s desire to age gracefully and with self-confidence.

How the beauty industry will continue to evolve

Medi-Spas have flourished with the rising demand for dermal wellbeing procedures and medical expertise. Increasingly, there is a strong demand for highly-trained dermal clinicians. Beauty and wellness enterprises must adopt technology, personalisation, a diverse menu of services with multiple revenue streams, and sustainability to remain competitive.

The global beauty industry is expected to reach approximately $580 billion by 2027 an expected growth of 6% per year. Technological advancement is driving innovation and creativity and the industry is undergoing a transformation like it has never seen before.

Education is essential in fostering self-assurance and success in what we do. It reduces adverse events, provides clients with the best clinical and safest outcomes, and gives dermal clinicians the confidence to perform best practices, contributing to industry quality.

Keeping up with the changes in trends and technology

The aesthetic and beauty industry trends remain driven by innovation and change. Training purely as a beauty therapist is no longer enough. Savvy clientele is seeking results-driven dermal procedures. Upskilling with a higher education degree allows highly skilled university-qualified dermal clinicians to perform results-oriented dermal procedures to meet and exceed clientele demands both safely and ethically.

The advancement of technology has seen the rise of a new era in the beauty industry with a focus on personalised experiences for the clients and tailored solutions that cater for individual needs.

Higher education qualification is key

A higher education qualification serves as the next step for acquiring further information, it imparts credibility, authenticity, and facilitates the expansion of our minds, key to enabling us to embrace evidence-based practices. The attainment of effective outcomes in dermal procedures relies on a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise.

Torrens University is Australia’s fastest-growing university and one of only two universities that offers the Bachelor of Health Science Aesthetics degree to meet industry demand. The undergraduate health science degree provides beauty therapists and novices with exceptional knowledge and understanding, allowing them to confidently treat clients and achieve superior dermal well-being outcomes.

Students will gain confidence in themselves through advanced knowledge of best practices and treatment options, and the ability to mitigate complications, manage risks, and provide the safest and most effective treatment outcomes within their scope of practice.

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