Hobart City Of ‘Warm Hearts And Cool Adventures’


The City of Hobart will launch its first ever dedicated winter campaign, “Warm Hearts and Cool Adventures“, designed to highlight the diverse range of events and activities while also advocating for those in need during the winter months.

This campaign aims to dispel the notion there’s nothing to do in winter and encourages the greater Hobart community to embrace the season with enthusiasm and get involved.

Hobart Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds said winter in Hobart was a magical time filled with unique experiences and opportunities but was also a challenging time for those less fortunate.

“Our city is known for its friendly and generous spirit, and this winter, we are encouraging everyone to show their ‘Warm Heart’,” Cr Reynolds said.

“Whether it’s participating in community activities, supporting local organisations, or simply exploring the beauty of our surroundings, there’s so much to keep you busy and connected.”

The campaign emphasises accessible, affordable and free activities, recognising the current challenges around the cost of living.

It also aims to showcase the appeal of visiting Hobart during the winter months, highlighting our vibrant cultural scene, outdoor adventures, and community spirit.

The City of Hobart will also unveil a “Wall of Warm Hearts”, showcasing the many charity and not-for-profit organisations the City works with and calling on the generosity of our community to support these groups and organisations.

Short of a Sheet spokesperson Lisa Rime said the organisation was a grassroots charity running entirely on volunteer efforts and care.

“As winter approaches, Hobartians unpack our extra blankets and truly appreciate the things that keep us sheltered, comfortable, safe and warm,” Ms Rimes said.

“As we nest into our cosy homes, our hearts also reach outward, and we inevitably think of our neighbours, who are going without that precious shelter.

“There is nothing like the pitter patter of rain on the roof to make us feel grateful for what we have, and motivated to be sure others are doing okay too.

“The fact is, we’re all just one unlucky event away from homelessness.

“Through the power of our community we provide basic needs items like clothes and toiletries, freely to anyone who needs them, at various locations in the CBD.

“Using our Facebook page we also provide furniture and homewares to Hobartians transitioning into housing after homelessness, specifically those unable to access timely assistance from the larger organisations.

“Short of a Sheet is Cockney rhyming slang for being ‘on the street’.

“Our logo is a warm blanket wrapping around kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

“We want Hobart to be a place where we can all feel warmed, not just by blankets but also by shared dignity and kindness.”

Cr Dr Zelinda Sherlock, Chair of the Welcoming and Inclusive City Portfolio, highlighted the community aspect of the campaign.

“The City of Warm Hearts and Cool Adventures campaign is about bringing people together and celebrating the resilience and generosity of our community,” Cr Dr Sherlock said.

“We support numerous community organisations, charities and groups, and throughout this campaign, we will raise awareness about the positive work they do to support those in need.”

The City of Hobart is also using the campaign to remind people about some of the services that make it a better place, such as FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics), improving recycling habits and donating to initiatives like Our City Canopy.

These efforts help ensure our environment is as warm and welcoming as our community.

For those seeking a “Cool Adventure”, there are plenty of options to explore, from the scenic tracks and trails around Hobart to the bustling Salamanca Market.

The city also boasts a range of cafes, restaurants, bars and art trails, providing ample opportunities for locals and visitors to enjoy.

In partnership with event grant recipients, the campaign will feature an exciting line-up of events including Dark Fringe, Festival of Voices, Beaker Street, Festival of Bright Ideas, the Australian Antarctica Festival and the City of Hobart Winter Feast.

“Winter in Hobart is a time to celebrate,” Cr Reynolds said.

“Whether you’re enjoying a festival, exploring our natural beauty, or participating in community initiatives, there’s something for everyone. Let’s make this winter a season of warm hearts and cool adventures.”

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