Houston, we have a problem

Peter Gutwein,Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage

It’s no wonder that Jennifer Houston has been sent out on this ‘smoke screen’ press conference rather than the Shadow Treasurer.

These regulations are nothing more than an update of the original regulations, which have been in place for more than a decade and implemented by the Labor Government.

Jennifer Houston should have checked her facts first before allowing herself to be stitched up by her own party.

There is no “fire pot tax”.

The regulations Ms Houston refers to simply target people deliberately doing the wrong thing in their backyard, such as burning tyres, harmful plastics or household rubbish.

They do not stop people from responsible and lawful use of backyard fire pots or burning clean dry fuel, they aim to stop people from harming the environment.

Ms Houston should check her facts before rushing out to create a problem for herself.

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