Interim Administrator Minute – Performance Improvement Order

On 20 November the Minister for Local Government gave Council notice of her intention to issue a Performance Improvement Order on Armidale Regional Council and gave Council 7 days to make submissions.

I reported the matter to Council on 25 November welcoming the Minister’s intentions and outlining my reasons which were conveyed to the Minister within the time specified.

Noting the Council’s submission the Minister has today served a Performance Improvement Order on Council which I now table and will ensure is placed on the Council’s website without delay.

The Performance Order requires the appointment of a special adviser and financial controller who will be in place until the September elections and is named as Mr John Rayner.

The Minister also forwarded a letter to Mr Rayner and myself noting that in deciding to issue an order she has given particular regard to the need to ensure that the improvements made under Administration continue when the elected body returns from the suspension period ie. on Saturday.

Accordingly I move:

The contents of the Performance Improvement Order given by the Minister for Local Government and to take affect from 9 December 2020 be noted.

(Viv May PSM)

Interim Administrator

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