Jaensch must go

Tasmanian Labor
  • Minister abandons at-risk Tasmanian children
  • Radio interview comments reveal appalling abrogation of duty
  • Roger Jaensch unfit to be a minister, children must be brought home
  • Roger Jaensch has abandoned his responsibility for at-risk Tasmanian children and shown himself to be completely unfit to be a Minister.

    Shadow Minister for Child Safety and Youth Affairs, Josh Willie, said Mr Jaensch’s appalling comments on ABC Radio this morning on the Brahminy program in the Northern Territory reveal the full extent of his ineptitude and he must resign or be sacked.

    “Roger Jaensch told ABC Radio this morning that it was up to Allan Brahminy to answer questions about his identity and background,” Mr Willie said.

    “No, Minister, it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that the allegations about his identity and background are investigated.

    “The State Government is essentially acting as a parent to these children and, while the allegations remain untested, it has a responsibility to bring them home.

    “If it was a teacher or another professional responsible for looking after young people, they would be stood down while an investigation took place.

    “It is beyond time for this incompetent Minister to go. His position is untenable and if he won’t go voluntarily, the Premier must step up and sack him.

    “Mr Jaensch told the ABC there would be a report back from his department on the issue by the end of the month and we look forward to this.

    “But, in the meantime, these children need to be brought home and Mr Jaensch needs to finally take responsibility and step aside.”

    Josh Willie MLC

    Shadow Minister for Child Safety and Youth Affairs

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