Kerbside recycling to be processed again

1. What is happening to my recycling now?

Your kerbside recycling is being collected as normal and is once again being processed for recycling on behalf of Council at a site in Laverton North.

2. What can I put in my recycling bin?

It’s never been more important to continue to sort your waste and place your kerbside recycling bin out for collection on the right night.

You can recycle the following:

Newspapers-Magazines--Envelopes.jpgPaper and cardboard


Milk cartons (no tetra pack cartons, e.g. juice boxes or UHT milk)
Glass-Bottles--Jars.jpgGlass bottles and jars (no lids)
AdobeStock_20048163.jpgAluminium and steel cans (no aerosols)
Plastic-Bottles--Containers.jpgRigid and semi-rigid plastics 1-7

To find out your bin day visit

3. How do I know which plastics I can recycle?

If you’re unsure if you can recycle a plastic, turn it over and check if it has a recycling symbol with a number in the centre of it. Council will accept plastics 1-7.

Plastic Numbers.jpg

Watch this quick 90-second video that explains the different types of plastic you can recycle and what the numbers mean.

4. What about the Hume Pop-Up Recycling Station?

The fortnightly Hume Pop-Up Recycling Station being run in partnership with the Northern Community Recycling Group will continue for the time being, the next one will be on Sunday 20 October. Find out what you can recycle by visiting

5. What about the rest of my rubbish?

Fruit and vegetable scraps and garden waste can be placed in your green organics bin and all other waste should be placed in your normal bin.

6. How else can I help?

Individuals and households are also encouraged to make smart shopping choices by choosing options that are more sustainable – do items come in reusable containers or recycled packaging?

Take reusable shopping bags, use a reusable coffee cup and buy products with recycled content – help build the markets for recycled goods.

If you come across a product with excessive packaging, let the producer and retailer know it’s not ok – write to them, tag them on social media – as a consumer your purchasing dollars have power!

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