Labor mismanagement leaves Victorians at risk of blackouts

Liberal Party Victoria

A new report has highlighted the ongoing risk of blackouts in Victoria, after a decade of mismanagement under the Labor Government.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), May 2024Update to the 2023 Electricity Statement of Opportunities for Victoria points to potential electricity blackouts during periods of peak demand in Victoria, stating:

From 2024-25 onwards, new transmission constraints are included in the projection… Numerous power system limitations, including these new constraints, restrict energy flows into the local Melbourne 220 kV network from the broader Victorian 500 kV and 220 kV transmission networks during periods of high demand and/or reliability risk.

With “reliability gaps” forecast for Victoria, AEMO has stated a reassessment was warranted and action needed to minimise the impact of reliability risks.

Shadow Minister for Energy, Affordability and Security, David Davis, said: “The Victorian Labor Government has had ten years in power, ten years in power to plan for the transition, ten years to plan to keep the lights on.

“The base activity of a state government, the most basic level of activity, is to ensure energy supplies, ensure electricity, ensure gas, is available, for families and businesses. Labor have failed in this most basic of tasks. What they’ve done in the last ten years is they have not planned for a proper transition; they have not planned to make sure energy is there when families need it.

“The forecast by AEMO shows there is a significant risk this summer and forthcoming summers for power shortages and actual blackouts. This will hit Victorian families and small businesses.

“The risk is that Victoria has these blackouts, and they cause tremendous trouble across our state. Labor can’t manage Victoria’s energy system and Victorians are paying the price.”

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