Malop Street Green Spine traffic and movement

Council has
noted a range of planned actions aimed at improving traffic flow and safety
along the Malop Street Green

requested a report into traffic flow and safety in February this year, after a
notice of motion from Councillor Eddy Kontelj.

The report has found
the Green Spine has had the intended effect of increasing foot traffic and
reducing through vehicle traffic, since its completion in July 2018. Car
numbers have dropped 56 per cent and pedestrian numbers have jumped by 11 per
cent during the midday peak.

With the
exception of east-bound traffic during the evening peak, all other legs of the
Moorabool/Malop Street intersection have seen minor increases or decreases in
travel times. Investigations have found any delays that were experienced by
drivers were for only short periods at a time.

Some of the measures
in the Malop Street Green Spine Investigation report include:

  • Continuing to work with Regional Roads Victoria to
    improve traffic light phasing;
  • Developing a public education campaign to reduce the
    number of cars blocking intersections; and
  • Making changes to directional signage entering
    Central Geelong, particularly Malop Street.

The City
will evaluate the changes in traffic conditions and driver behaviour after
these improvements have been put in place, with a report to go to council in March

Council has
requested a report from the CEO by November 2019, which includes an outline of
the potential impacts of the Green Spine’s design and the costs and timelines
to install turning lanes at the intersections of Malop Street/Yarra Street and
Malop Street/Moorabool Street.

The report has concluded that the new bike
lanes haven’t impacted traffic flow, rather the removal of turning lanes and
available options for signal phasing have changed traffic flows and driver behaviour.

The Green Spine
project aims to encourage people to spend longer along
Malop Street and to make the city more liveable.

Last week, the Malop Street Green Spine was awarded a
Landscape Architecture Award at the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects’
2019 Victorian Awards.

The judges described the area as a vibrant, luscious and
inviting space, that is also safe and well-lit.

Acting Mayor – Councillor Peter Murrihy

We’re committed to making traffic flow and safety changes
to the award-winning Green Spine area, to further improve what has become a
destination space in Central Geelong.

The project has successfully reduced the through
traffic along the street, making it a safer place for pedestrians and cyclists
alike, whilst also offering an inviting area to rest and connect with nature.

Councillor Eddy Kontelj – Brownbill ward

have asked for this further report so that we as a council can collectively
make an informed decision about what we would like to see occur on the Green
Spine going forward.

the increase in greenery and other improvements have been very effective in
helping the area become more appealing as a place to visit, I am still
receiving feedback from retailers and the community that connectivity, safety
and traffic need to be looked at.

believe it’s our responsibility to examine all options and make sure the Green
Spine is performing the best it possibly can in all aspects.

/Public Release. View in full here.