Marshall Government appoints Cladding Response Co-ordinator

The Marshall Government has appointed Wendy Campana as the Cladding Response Co-ordinator to facilitate remediation works and work with private building owners to keep tenants informed.

Last week the State Government released the findings of the South Australian Building Cladding Audit Interim Report which showed there were 28 buildings with an unacceptable level of risk.

As the Cladding Response Coordination, Ms Campana will liaise between Councils, Building Owners, Fire Authorities, DPTI and other State Government agencies.

Key responsibilities will include liaising with building owners to ensure that occupiers have been advised of the assessment, provide appropriate support where needed and assist and support building owners in expediting reviews and approvals for the remedial actions they propose to take to reduce the risk to tolerable levels.

“The Marshall Government has appointed Wendy Campana as the Cladding Response Coordinator to ensure the rectification process runs as smoothly and swiftly as possible,” said Minister for Planning Stephan Knoll.

“The safety of South Australians has always been and continues to be the State Government’s paramount priority.

“Ms Campana will be tasked with helping building owners fulfil their legal and moral obligation to notify their tenants and occupants.

“I am advised that councils have sent notifications to all private building owners and Ms Campana will help ensure tenants are kept informed.

“She will also ensure that rectification works are carried out as quickly as possible by helping to coordinate councils, building owners, fire authorities and other state government agencies.

“Ms Campana has a wealth of experience coordinating between local and state government sectors and other stakeholders.

“This state-wide audit has a lot of moving parts and different players, including a number of councils, the MFS, various Building Fire Safety Committees and State Government amongst others.

“That’s why we now need a Cladding Response Co-ordinator to help ensure this rectification process runs as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

“The State Government will continue to provide periodic updates to South Australians as phase 3 of the audit now progresses and rectification works are carried out.”

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