Message from Chief Officer Jason Heffernan

On Monday I’ll begin my role of CFA Chief Officer and I’m looking forward to being part of such a trusted and respected organisation.

Message from Chief Officer Jason Heffernan

I am honoured to be appointed into this position and I will continue the excellent work of my predecessors. I want to acknowledge the hard work of the CFA leadership, especially Garry Cook as acting Chief Officer over the past five months, as CFA prepares for this fire season after reform.

As CFA members, you place the communities at the centre of everything you do, and I as your Chief Officer will do all I can do to empower and champion your needs.

I am strongly committed to the ethos and values of CFA and committed to upholding these across our organisation. I expect you to hold me to account on this too.

A priority for me is building capability within senior volunteer ranks and brigades, ensuring that all volunteers are resourced and supported to undertake their important roles.

I started as a volunteer firefighter in the Riverina Region of Wagga Wagga in southern NSW in 1998. I share your passion for the role of community-based emergency services and emergency management.

I have performed a number of senior roles across the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), including my most recent position as Assistant Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) and Director Area Operations. I take great pride in having led service delivery for the world’s largest volunteer-based fire service, with 2000 brigades and 76,000 volunteers.

I’ve gained valuable experience in the coordination of fire and emergency services through my various roles with RFS, but really look forward to applying my knowledge in advocacy and development of volunteer capability in a diverse workforce.

I know that parts of Victoria are already well into the fire season and that members have been undertaking training and preparing their communities to the best of their abilities during the COVID restrictions.

I look forward to joining you next week to lead our operations in the key hotter months ahead and meeting you as soon as possible.

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