Minister Ellis must confirm police safe staffing levels will remain in place 08 February 2024

Tas Labor

The Rockliff minority Government must rule out that it is walking away from safe staffing levels at police stations.

In 2020, the Liberal Government announced that a formal agreement had been made to mandate safe staffing levels at 24/7 police stations to improve police safety and well-being.

While the Rockliff Government is happy to spruik it is recruiting officers, the reality is, 12.7 per cent of police are now on active workers compensation claims with some officers leaving the force altogether.

And alarmingly, police officers on mental health workers compensation claims has surpassed physical workers compensation claims.

Unsafe staffing levels and high workers compensation rates are not separate issues.

Our police deserve to be supported with adequate resources, especially considering they deal with serious incidents and trauma on a daily basis.

The Rockliff Government is placing our officers in harm’s way and the rates of compensation will continue to grow unless action is taken.

Police, Fire and Emergency Management Minister Felix Ellis must put police safety first and confirm safe staffing levels will remain in place.

Michelle O’Byrne MP

Shadow Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management

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