NASOG comments on MS-2 Step Pill an insult to nurses

Australian College of Nursing

Australian College of Nursing (ACN) CEO, Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN, said today that comments by NASOG President Dr Gino Pecoraro claiming women would be at risk if Nurse Practitioners prescribed the abortion pill are insulting, patronising, and out of touch with reality.

Adjunct Professor Ward said the Government’s welcome changes to the prescribing of MS-2 Step Pill acknowledge the skills, professionalism, and availability of Nurse Practitioners to care for women throughout all stages of their treatment.

“The change increases choice and control for women’s reproductive health,” Adjunct Professor Ward said.

“The community holds nursing in high regard. Nurses are regarded as the most trusted and ethical profession. This is a hard-earned reputation based on safety, empathy, availability, and an extremely high level of skills and experience.

“Nurse Practitioners are highly trained professionals who know their responsibilities in prescribing the abortion pill, provide ongoing care and management, and respond rapidly to any potential changes in wellbeing.

“And we are often the highest qualified health professional in many rural, regional, and remote communities where women constantly have health care needs.

“We are not ‘lesser trained practitioners’ as claimed by Dr Pecoraro.

“Australia has a highly skilled nursing workforce with greater availability, quicker response times and ease of accessibility throughout Australia.

“Nurses continue to shape health care access and provision in ways that meet the needs of patients and the community.

“Nurses are key to strengthening primary care in all settings,” Adjunct Professor Ward said.

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