New Leeton Development Control Plan now active

Leeton Shire Council is proud to announce to the community and developers that the new Development Control Plan (DCP) is active and should be used as a tool and guide when planning and designing new developments, including new dwellings, subdivisions and the like. Council would like to thank everyone in the community who contributed to the Plan and helped build it to what is a robust and helpful guiding document.

The DCP applies to the entirety of the Leeton Shire and will guide development that is permissible under Leeton’s Local Environmental Plan 2014. It allows Council to be upfront with potential developers and residents about the standards required when building in Leeton.

Council’s Manager Planning, Building & Health Francois Van Der Berg said “the DCP will be used by Council as a planning tool to assist with the assessment of Development Applications lodged with Council. This is to ensure growth and development occurs in a consistent, orderly and environmentally sensitive way”.

“The DCP also allows landowners and developers to gain a better understanding of the requirements and standards that Council will apply in approving Development Applications,” elaborated Francois Van Der Berg.

The DCP contains a range of measures such as building setbacks, subdivision designs, heritage guidelines, building design, industrial development, and so forth. This comprehensive tool will assist those seeking to commence a new project with the requirements needed and guidelines for development.

A copy of the DCP can be accessed through the Leeton Shire Council website.