New Vehicle Efficiency Standard: Parents breath a sigh of cleaner air

Parents for Climate

Thursday 16 May: Parents for Climate is excited to welcome improved standards to Australia’s cars – among the world’s dirtiest.

Nic Seton, CEO of Parents for Climate said: “This is a win for kids’ health, clean air, and families who want cheaper-to-run cars. Now Australia can join the rest of the world in cleaning up our streets, instead of treating our kids’ lungs as air filters.

“Parents choose and use cars to support their kids. Polling shows that the majority of parents want cars that are cheaper to run and pollute less. The New Vehicle Efficiency Standard is an important piece of the puzzle in cleaning up our transport system and communities. Finally families will be able to access the same cleaner and cheaper to run vehicles that manufacturers have been sending to countries with fuel efficiency standards in place.

“Whether on the school run, or weekend adventure, families are really going to benefit from this policy through access to more choice and cleaner air. Whether you drive, or live near cars, this is the kind of policy that puts our kids’ health first, something we need to see more of when it comes to pollution.”

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