NZ Police Presence Continues In Marokopa

As stated by Acting Detective Inspector Andrew Saunders:

Police have continued their work in Marokopa overnight to locate missing children Ember (8), Maverick (9) and Jayda (10) Phillips.

The children have been missing since 12 December 2021, when they were taken by their father, Tom Phillips, to a location unknown but thought to be in Western Waikato within Marokopa or the surrounding areas. Police on Tuesday announced a reward of up to $80,000 for information what leads to the location and safe return of the children.

The Police helicopter, Eagle, again supported the ongoing operation in Marokopa last night and the results of its work in the area will be assessed today.

Ember, Maverick and Jayda remain missing, and a significant Police presence remains in the area, and will continue over the coming days.

Police are operating checkpoints at locations around the district today, and we thank the public for their co-operation and understanding.

We are also continuing to assess and follow up on relevant information that has been received from the public since the reward was announced. The response has been encouraging, but our focus remains on the safe return of the children. While the operation is ongoing, we will not be elaborating on the information that has been received.

Police continue to urge anyone that has credible, current information on the whereabouts of the Phillips children to make themselves known to our officers.

/NZ Police Public Release. View in full here.