Over 50s Women Becoming Fastest Growing Demographic Of Homelessness

Trudi Pavlovsky Trainings

We live in a time when women over 50 are becoming the fastest growing demographic of homelessness in Australia.

A report released in August 2020 by HAAG and Social Ventures Australia finds that the number of older women at risk of homelessness in Australia is a staggering 405,000. This includes: 165,000 women aged between 45 – 55 years and 240,000 women aged 55 years and over.

A new, long lens study of the financial impact of divorce on women and men has found that five years later, divorced women are still significantly worse off than both divorced men, and women who never divorced.

The most recent data available shows that 49,116 divorces were granted in Australia in 2019. For these, the median age at divorce was 45.9 for men and 43.1 for women.

Given that the incidence of superannuation is higher for men and their account balances are on average higher, men held 61.2 per cent of total account balances in 2015-16 compared to around 38.7 per cent for women. The share held by women increased by a substantial two percentage points compared to two years earlier.

How much less Super do women have than men?

Women shockingly retire with 42% less super than men. The research concluded Australia’s retirement system doesn’t recognise and reward the unpaid caring work that women do – leaving them vulnerable to poverty in old age.

It’s 2022 and women are still lagging behind, women are not safe in, or leaving relationships, women deserve better.

So how does a woman move through past trauma, gender pay gaps and the systems designed to disempower her? How does a woman step into empowerment to create a life that includes having a safe and secure financial future?

Having grown up being fed the fairy tale that a handsome prince would sweep you off your feet and you would have a magical happy ever after, at almost 50 years of age Trudi Pavlovsky had to review her own potential future.

“With no house, husband and minimal superannuation in my account, I too was at risk of becoming one of the “women living on the street” statistics,” says Trudi.

And it doesn’t have to be this way.

Trudi has gone on to escape the slippery slope she was on and created a 4 step system to help women step into their own ideal future, to create a life full of abundance – the same process she applied the tool to my own life.

Trudi is an avid student of learning about human potential and a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Reiki Master and Performance Coach. She is now dedicated to using her skills and experience to reduce the possibility of other women becoming one of these statistics and being a voice for change.

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