PM puts kids at risk to buy votes

Better Access Australia

Better Access Australia is urging a wake-up call in the media, parliament and community to stop the legitimisation of a dangerous unregulated nicotine product being sold as healthcare to our children, all to buy the Green’s vote.

All Australians want to keep our kids safe from the harmful effects of smoking and vaping, but the Bill currently before the parliament is not the answer.

Parents who have had to deal with the consequences of vaping products normalising smoking and becoming a gateway to cigarettes and other dangerous substances do not want these unproven products sold as unregulated therapeutic healthcare. Asking a health professional to be complicit in this process goes against all their training.

If Government want to provide vapes as a health product, then they need to submit the clinical research to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for evaluation for listing on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

This Bill sets aside 40 years of tobacco health policy and law reform.

Vapes are retail products at best, they are not healthcare products.

Better Access Australia supports calls for full and meaningful consultation on this Bill.

We must all stand strong against the risk of government-enabled addiction.

Our kids, our community and our trusted healthcare professionals all deserve better from Minister Butler and the Albanese Government.

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