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Study shows 20 per cent of Australians are harmed by others’ drinking
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We cannot afford to fail our youth on vape ban, AMA tells Senate
New survey shows most people who vape want to quit, and Bill before Parliament must be supported to end non-therapeutic vape sales
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Hydromorphone trial a smokescreen to distract from Labor’s outrageous decision to axe second injecting room
Vaping now more common than smoking among young people – and the risks go beyond lung and brain damage
Public health warning: severe opioid overdoses in Penrith area
NSW latest public Health Warning: Severe Opioid Overdoses in Penrith Area
‘Hospitals Playing Tetris’
Safe injecting room decision a ‘spineless captain’s call’ that will cost lives
Three Strikes Has Failed Before And Will Fail Again
Link between childhood maltreatment and adult substance abuse
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Mackay Youth Co-Responder Team Marks Three Years
Police Update: Arrests – Operation KAPOK
Major Health Interventions Expanded To People On Remand
Police Make Arrests – Operation Kapok – Palmerston
State Funeral To Honour Mr Leslie Jack Twentyman OAM
Closing Suicide Prevention Office among 134 job losses proposed at Health
Why cocaine is considered performance-enhancing for athletes, and why it matters when the athlete took it
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Arrest following search warrant, Redwood, Christchurch
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$3 million boost for redevelopment of historic community facility