Prepare yourself and property this Fire Action Week

Fire Action Week kicks off today and Victorians are being urged to prepare themselves and their properties for this year’s bushfire season.

Prepare yourself and property this Fire Action Week

With the Fire Danger Period commencing today in the municipalities of Mildura, Swan Hill, Yarriambiack and Gannawarra, now is the time for Victorians to act.

With above average rain fall forecast from now to December, this year’s fire season has the potential to be a grassfire-dominated season, with shorter-duration fires in grass and dry forests during hotter and windier days

CFA Acting Chief Officer Garry Cook said any bushfire season in Victoria has the potential to be a bad one and warned against complacency.

“Fire Action Week is a great reminder to Victorians to get a better understanding of their fire risk and what to do about it,” Mr Cook said.

“Preparing your property means you minimise the chance of property damage during a fire, even if you plan to leave early.

“Keep trees, overhanging branches and shrubs to a minimum near your home, and keep grass shorter than 10cm.

“Move your winter wood pile away from the house and clear debris from gutters.

“A big clean-up before the fire season can make a huge difference to the safety and survival of your home in a bushfire.

“You also need to plan and prepare for your personal safety by understanding your risk and having a fire plan.

“Plan for all situations by talking to your family and friends about your triggers to leave, where you’ll go and how you’ll get there.

“Get into the habit of checking Fire Danger Ratings on the VicEmergency website or app daily to understand the fire risk in your area.

“It’s up to all of us to stay informed by using more than one source of information, understanding the three levels of warnings, what they mean and what you should do.”

In the lead-up to summer, CFA will be running Fire Safety Essentials online sessions to help Victorians understand their fire risk and help you prepare. Check What’s On in your area.


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