QPS is Proud to Stand With You

Everyone deserves to feel safe on a night out.

Have you experienced some form of harassment, abuse or assault while out with your mates or on a date? The QPS is here to help.

We know that not all nights out end with happy memories, which is why Queensland Police have teamed up with drag star Vollie LaVont to let members of our LGBTIQ+ communities know that we are Proud to Stand With You.

Check out this video to hear more from Vollie and LGBTI Liaison Officer Constable Jesse Farrance.

The QPS is here for you

The Queensland Police Service takes all reports of hate crimes, violence and abuse against LGBTIQ+ people very seriously, and we need people to report all incidents of violence or abuse in order to help us with our investigations.

It’s important to remember that we all have a responsibility to help end violence and abuse in our LGBTIQ+ communities. This means speaking up if you see or experience something.

We know that it can sometimes be difficult or uncomfortable talking to police about what you’ve been through.

There are support networks available to help people feel more comfortable when talking to police, including our LGBTI Liaison Officers.

For more information on the LGBTI Liaison Officer Program, or for a full list of LGBTI Liaison Officers, visit the LGBTI Liaison website.

Support is also available through the organisation Diverse Voices.

Reporting options

You can report any incidents of violence or abuse to police for further investigations, or you can notify police for information (intelligence) purposes only.

Intelligence of this nature allows police to identify and respond more effectively to these crimes if patterns or trends of abuse or violence emerge.

For a crime happening now or if you are in any danger, call Triple Zero (000).

To report to Police for information (intelligence) only, email [email protected] with the below information.

What information police need:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Address
  • Businesses or landmarks or intersection where the incident occurred
  • Perpetrator[s] gender, age, height, race, weight, clothes and other distinguishing characteristics, vehicles
  • If any homophobic or transphobic threats or comments were made, include them in the report

LGBTI Liaison Officers are available to assist victims of crime in providing the information needed to investigate crimes against LGBTIQ+ people.

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