Quezon’s Game, Critically-Acclaimed Presidential Biopic, Lands in Australian Theatres

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Quezon’s Game, Critically-Acclaimed Presidential Biopic,Lands in Australian Theatres

Sydney, Australia—Multi-award winning and critically-acclaimed Filipino film Quezon’s Game, through TFC, will make its Australian premiere 27 February.

Co-produced by ABS-CBN Films and Kinetek Productions, this Matthew Rosen-directed film tells the previously untold story of Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon’s decision to open the country to Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. Despite other world leaders refusing to open their country’s doors for the Jews at the time, President Quezon was able to rescue around 1,200 refugees, cementing what was to be a lasting diplomatic and intercultural friendship between the Filipino and Jewish communities.

Set before the dawn of the Second World War, the film chronicles how Quezon, played by Raymond Bagatsing, stepped up and answered the call for empathy and humanitarian help as implored from his friend, Jewish-American businessman Alex Frieder (Billy Ray Gallion). Despite the political control of the United States over the Philippines, as well as the relapse of his tuberculosis, Quezon was able to use his reputation of holding lavish parties, multiple poker nights, and soirees to execute his plan to save the Jews. Helping him in this undertaking were future U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower (David Bianco), Paul McNutt (James Paoleli), the Frieder brothers, as well as his wife Aurora (Rachel Alejandro), and daughter Baby (Kate Alejandrino).

In its essence, ABS-CBN Films’ Quezon’s Gameis more than just a Filipino biographical film. While political and strategic in its execution, the core message of the film revolves around empathy and humanity. When everyone refuses to help in fear of repercussions, we can find it in ourselves to look beyond races and borders to extend help to those who direly need it, in whatever way we can.

Prior to its commercial release, the film was showcased in various international film festivals and took home 25 awards, including the Awards of Excellence for Lead Actor, Direction, Asian Film, Cinematography, and Original Score at the 2019 IndieFEST Film Awards; the Gold Remi Awards for Best Foreign Feature, Best Director, Best Producer, and Best Art Direction at the 2019 WorldFest-Houston International Film + Video Festival; and the Best in Show Grand Champion at the 2019 Cinema World Fest Annual Gala.

ABS-CBN Global and TFC will hold an exclusive event on 26 February to commemorate the rich history that ties the Australian, Filipino, and Jewish communities. Part of the event is a special screening of the Quezon’s Game before it hits the local cinemas.

For the complete list of theatres in Australia, head over to https://www.quezonsgame.com/australia-nzand don’t forget to catch it at a cinema near you.

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