Latest tuberculosis News

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Hot tubs are as full of nasty germs as you fear
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WHO urges investments for the scale up of tuberculosis screening and preventive treatment
WHO BPaLM Accelerator Platform
Drug-resistant TB responds rapidly to bedaquiline-based therapy
Bacteria can develop resistance to drugs they haven’t encountered before − scientists figured this out decades ago in a classic experiment
WHO announces forthcoming updates on tuberculosis preventive treatment
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Exploding kamikaze bacteria
New estimate doubles likely deaths from fungal disease globally
Grants will fund tuberculosis drug development
WHO’s Science Council issues report on mRNA vaccine technology
Darryl O’Donnell steps down as CEO of Health Equity Matters
First WHO Global Clinical Trials Forum puts forward a global vision for sustainable clinical research infrastructure
Do you really need antibiotics? Curbing our use helps fight drug-resistant bacteria
WHO releases priorities for research and development of age-appropriate medicines for treatment of neglected tropical diseases
WHO launches new e-course on the management of TB in children and adolescents
WHO launches new 5-year roadmap to prevent and treat TB in children and adolescents
World Diabetes Day 2023: Equitable access to care for people with TB and diabetes
Could new antibiotic clovibactin beat superbugs? Or will it join the long list of failed drugs?
A leading flexible contributor, the Netherlands renews its multiannual allocation to WHO
WHO releases updated Target Regimen Profiles for tuberculosis treatment and new Target Product Profiles for tuberculosis treatment monitoring and optimization
WHO releases new list of essential diagnostics; new recommendations for hepatitis E virus tests, personal use glucose meters
WHO outlines considerations for regulation of artificial intelligence for health
WHO announces the release of ScreenTB – a web-based tool to help countries prioritize action for TB screening and prevention
WHO releases updated guidance on adolescent health and well-being
WHO Academy e-course: Harnessing the power of routine health facility data:Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis cluster in Murraylands
World leaders commit to new targets to end TB
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