RACGP: Victoria’s gas transition a positive move for health

Royal Australian College of GPs

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) welcomes the Victorian Government’s updated Gas Substitution Roadmap which will help protect human health by tackling indoor air pollution and climate change.

Victorian Minister for Climate Action Lily D’Ambrosio today released the updated Gas Substitution Roadmap – outlining the next steps for Victoria’s transition from expensive fossil gas to cheaper, more modern electrical appliances.

It comes after RACGP Victoria joined calls in May, led by Healthy Futures, for the state government to phase out gas in new homes and public buildings to protect the health of Victorians. In July, the government responded with plans to ban gas connections from new residential housing from 1 January 2024, and to make all new public buildings electric.

RACGP Victoria Co-Deputy Chair Dr Aadhil Aziz welcomed the updated roadmap.

“Phasing out gas is the right choice for our health and for the health of our planet,” he said.

“Gas stoves expose people to irritants which are bad for our health and can trigger respiratory conditions, including asthma in children. Gas use in our homes and public buildings is also a huge contributor to climate change, which is having widespread impacts on human health around the world.

“We are seeing more extreme weather events, including cyclones, bushfires, and floods, because of climate change. These disasters cause deaths, injuries, and long-term mental health issues.

“I applaud the Victorian Government for listening to the experts and acting in the best interests of Victorians’ health and wellbeing. Climate change is a public health emergency, and we need urgent action to safeguard the health of our communities and future generations.”

The RACGP recognises climate change as a public health emergency and advocates for policies to protect human health from risks of climate change.


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