Rael, the Machiah, denounces the genocide perpetrated by Israel

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Las Vegas, May 2, 2024 — In a sharp statement, Machiah Rael has vigorously denounced Israel for what he describes as a genocide against the Palestinian people. Machiah warns that the survival of Israel hangs in the balance unless the state recognises him as the long-awaited Messiah and the last Messenger of the Elohim. He calls on the Israeli government to grant him a plot of land near Jerusalem to build the third Temple, a step he says is essential for preparing the Earth for the return of the Elohim.

“The influence of extremist messianic ideologies within the current Israeli government is dangerous, and this political climate that has adopted radical measures, driven by the belief in an acceleration of the messianic era, threatens to trigger broader conflicts and erode the moral fabric of Israel,” emphasised Leon Mellul, Raelian Chief Rabbi and spokesperson for Machiah Rael.

Mellul asserts that the Palestinians, as converted Jews and direct lineage of Abraham, are more authentically Jewish than the descendants of the Khazars, who converted to Judaism at a later stage. He points out that the true lineage of the Jewish people includes not only Sephardic Jews and Palestinians but also a portion of Muslims and Druze.

“Moreover, Africans such as the Ethiopians, descendants of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, and the Yacouba (Tribe of Dan), one of Jacob’s sons, are also part of this ancient heritage,” he added. He notes that since August 6, 2015, when the Elohim’s protection was withdrawn from Israel, the nation has been heading towards inevitable destruction.

The statements of the Raelian Chief Rabbi challenge the very foundations of traditional geopolitical and religious narratives, presenting a stark ultimatum to Israel: acknowledge Rael’s role as the long-awaited Machiah and engage in significant spiritual and political reforms or face catastrophic consequences.

“Listen, O Israel, the survival of the State of Israel is in your hands as this is your very last chance. The Prime Ministers and Rabbis who have already refused or who would again refuse this last request will be held accountable and solely responsible for the destruction of the State of Israel within the next four years,” concluded Mellul.

The implications of Machiah Rael’s message resonate far beyond the borders of Israel, aiming to galvanise a global reassessment of religious and political allegiances under the scrutiny of the mandate He received from the Elohim.



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