Reckless Labor runs out of steam over energy security

Guy Barnett,Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Labor and Dean Winter proved today they have run out of steam with their continued reckless scare campaign on Tasmania’s energy security.

Let me be very clear – Tasmania energy security has never been stronger.

Labor running the publicity campaign for the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline during confidential commercial negotiations with Hydro Tasmania is both bizarre and unwise.

Today’s stunt by Dean Winter in the House of Assembly shows Labor has run out of ideas and they have no plans or policies for Tasmania.

Both the Government and Hydro have clearly stated that the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine and the Tamar Valley Power Station are an important part of our Energy Security Framework and will be retained in case they are needed in the future.

Hydro Tasmania’s acting CEO Ian Brooksbank is on the record from November 23, 2021, and he emphasised: ”the importance of having five units at the Tamar Valley Power Station as a back-up if required.”

Again, let me be very clear – the TVPS will not be decommissioned or sold.

For Dean Winter and Labor to claim the opposite is simply dishonest and an attempt to mislead Tasmanians and artificially interfere with the gas contract negotiations.

Instead of knocking Tasmania’s world-leading renewable energy sector and actively talking down our state’s competitive advantage, Lazy Labor should be backing our State’s energy credentials.

The facts are that following the commissioning of the Cattle Hill and Granville Harbour wind farms late last year Tasmania became the first jurisdiction in Australia to be 100 per cent self-sufficient in renewable electricity.

And, as of Monday, Tasmania’s Hydro storages were at 52.8 per cent, which is the highest for nearly a decade and wind energy now makes up 15 per cent of the State’s energy needs.

Unfortunately, Labor doesn’t understand that this is water is literally stored renewable energy in Battery Tasmania and no amount of Labor misinformation can change this.

And to maintain the momentum, the Government has legislated to double our renewable energy capacity to 200 per cent by 2040.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government has a Plan for renewable energy that will secure Tasmania’s future – all Labor has is a deceitful scare campaign and is trying to undermine the State.

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