Rockwell Automation Expands Austmine Support With New Industry Leader Partnership

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, has announced that it has extended its support of Austmine with a new Industry Leader partnership.

Rockwell is the longest continuous partner of Austmine, which is the leading industry association for the Australian Mining Equipment, Technology, and Services (METS) sector, representing more than 700 organisations across Australia.

The new partnership extends Rockwell’s member and supporter role, into that of Industry Leader – a category reserved for companies that provide critical technologies and services to the mining industry and the METS sector.

“Austmine is delighted to welcome Rockwell Automation on board as an Industry Leader. As a long-term member and supporter of Austmine, and a technology leader in our industry, Rockwell exemplifies the best of what Australian METS companies have to offer and we are thrilled to be partnering with such a well-known brand,” said Christine Gibbs Stewart, CEO of Austmine.

“As an Industry Leader Rockwell Automation is a key supporter of Austmine and our vision for the mining industry, which includes using technology to drive the future and sustainability of our industry for the next generation and beyond,” she said.

Anthony Wong, regional director for Rockwell Automation South Pacific, added: “We have a long-standing relationship with Austmine, but with the rapid advancement of technology and the growing importance of mining for critical minerals, we felt the time was right to level-up our relationship. We look forward to working with Austmine to inspire collaboration on mining innovation, helping to propel the Australian mining industry towards a more productive and more sustainable future.”

“We have watched Austmine’s focus on ESG, data visualisation, technology leadership, and information solution services, which are crucial to the future of the mining industry, including the electric mine, and we believe we are ideally equipped with the hardware, software, experience, and technical expertise to provide industry leadership in these areas,” added Wong.

Rockwell Automation joins Austmine’s Industry Leaders and Partners, Nokia, Accenture, Thiess, and Resource Super.

The Connected Mine

Rockwell Automation specialises in providing integrated systems and scalable analytics to enable mine-to-market visibility and allow for better decision-making, in the “Connected Mine.”

“The mining industry faces a raft of challenges, from market volatility to new legal and governance regulations. Gathering, contextualising, and effectively utilising data is going to be key to staying ahead of the competition and driving efficiencies,” said Wong.

“Technologies that focus on enhancing operational efficiencies, maximising yield recovery, meeting regulatory requirements, and maintaining safe or zero-harm environments will be crucial to the advancement of the mining industry.”

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