Rocky’s second chance at happy life

When Troy and Maybellene’s rescue Great Dane, Ajax, passed away unexpectedly from heart failure, they didn’t think they would ever be ready to open their hearts and home to another rescue dog. Little did they know that their happily ever after was waiting in Whyalla…

A match made in heaven.

One day Troy and Maybellene unexpectedly stumbled across Rocky (formerly Rocco) the Great Dane’s adoption profile, and it was love at first sight.

“We knew just from his pictures that he was the special boy for us, so we set off on a ten-hour round trip to adopt him from RSPCA’s Whyalla shelter,” recalled Troy.

Having been surrendered by his previous owner, this was Rocky’s second chance at a happy life, and he wasted no time settling into his new home. He quickly came out of his shell and showed his new family just how beautiful he is on the inside and out.

A very lucky boy, Rocky loves to spend his days going for walks, zooming on his pawrent’s bed, and playing with his collection of enrichment toys.

“He has a huge toy box that he loves and is always getting more every time we go to the shops,” said Troy.

“We can’t help but spoil him as he loves toys so much. He is always eager to figure out how they work and shows us how smart he is by quickly figuring puzzle toys out.”

Rocky is a gentle giant.

Troy and Maybellene love Rocky so much and the feeling is clearly mutual. An affectionate boy, Rocky is always ready to snuggle.

“He’s always up for a cuddle on the couch in his spot or a cheeky nap during the day with us,” said Troy.

“He gets so excited that he does zoomies on the bed then snuggles into us for a sleep, he even tries telling us during the day that it is time to come have a nap with Rocky – this is one of his most favourite things.”

Everyone in the family adores Rocky.

Since adopting Rocky, Troy and Maybellene couldn’t imagine their lives without him and the same goes for their kids. Whether it be chasey, throwing the ball, or tug-of-war, Rocky is always ready and waiting to play with Troy and Maybellene children.

“He snuggles up to the kids on the couch all the time and always leaves a smile on their faces with his sweetness and silliness,” expressed Troy.

“He has a tree that he loves to hide in, and he thinks we can’t see him, but it is hard to miss him from his size, but we all play along and say, “where’s Rocky gone?” and he eventually emerges really pleased with himself.”

Great Danes make a great pet.

Like all pets, Rocky requires a lot of love and care from his responsible owners. Troy and Maybellene took the time to get to know Rocky and understand how he communicates with his family both verbally and non-verbally.

“He is so smart! He communicates with us very well verbally and with his body language he tells us what he would like to do and what he wants – it always amazes us how very intelligent he is,” explained Troy.

“We work from home, so we have been ever so lucky to be able to spend every moment possible with Rocky and give him the time, patience and love he deserves.”

Happy Birthday to you!

Troy, Maybellene and their kids recently celebrated Rocky’s first birthday, and of course, this precious pooch was showered with love. He indulged in a homemade dog safe birthday cake and was spoiled with gifts.

“He had 14 new toys to unwrap all by himself and we took the day off from work and spent every second with him making his day special and amazing,” said Troy.

One celebration down, many come to come…

Troy and Maybellene are so grateful that their paths crossed with Rocky’s and that welcomed him with open arms into their home and family.

Troy and Maybellene saved Rocky and in return he has significantly enriched their lives, and they can’t wait to continue their journey together as a family.

“Rocky has brought many smiles and lots of happiness into our home, thank you so much to the RSPCA for our beautiful boy,” Troy concluded.

If you are considering opening your heart and home to a rescue animal, please visit our adoption page to see our available animals.

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