Roll Up: Meet our new Doctorates

They’ll cross the stage at this week’s University of Southern Queensland Graduation Ceremonies.

Need to call a Doctor? Here’s a few.

Simon Abson

Investigating entrepreneurial performance as a critical success factor for private small-to-medium enterprise (SME) healthcare entrepreneurs and managers in Tanzania: A hermeneutic phenomenological study

Dung Duc Chau

The acquisition of argument structure alternations by Vietnamese learners of English

Rosa Esther Prahl

Nuclear ribosomal DNA secondary structures and statistical approach for the phylogeny of Ampelomyces

Trisha Louise Poole

Effective online professional learning and development for in-service teachers: A conceptual framework of design considerations

Zoe Kiane Bishop-Kinlyside

Conceptualizing social intelligence capabilities in women leadership: A qualitative study in the Queensland healthcare industry

Peter Sasitharan Gandhi Maniam

The adoption of blockchain technology in the Australian agriculture supply chain

Christopher James Abrahams

Scratching the Surface: Self-portraits and self-representations

Alyson Baker

The challenge of pink: Subverting the current breast cancer awareness paradigm through visual and oral storytelling

Daniel George Dusza

A study of the orthographic influence of learning romaji before English in Japanese elementary schools

Nirmal Acharya

The influence of consumers’ trust and cognitive absorption on behavioural intentions to reuse recommender systems

Eltayyeb Ali Mustafa Al-Fakir Al Rabab’a

Corporate carbon performance and access to finance: Empirical evidence from Asia-Pacific countries

Ahmed Mansour Mohsin Al-Makssossi

Developing an integrated Kano-QFD-SWOT approach to recommend prioritised institutional requirements based on social and academic expectations of Arabic international students at three Queensland universities

Jake Thomas Clark

Utilising Galactic Archaeology Surveys for Exoplanetary Science

Yu Deng

Responses of the Chinese dedicated air cargo industry to the e-commerce boom and COVID-19: Network development and services

David Bruce Johnston

Using machine learning based emulators for the sensitivity analysis of process-driven biophysical models.

Liyanage Chandima Jayamali

Dissecting the physiological and molecular mechanisms of zinc loading into the wheat grain

Tania Helen Leach

System reform: An exploration of policy interpretation and translation through the enacted role of regional education officers

Nicholas James Lee

Phenomenological lifeworld research: A proposed phenomenological research methodology: With an application to the lifeworld of new migrants

William MacAskill

Neural and mechanical respiratory responses to exercise in ageing measured with a micro-transducer catheter

Sazan Madhi Mahmoud

Education in a humanitarian context: A case study of a peer education program for adolescent girls in two refugee camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Cameron Alexander Milne Meiklejohn

(Un)doing old boy: Performativity at the intersection of elitism, masculinity, and privilege

Susan Elizabeth Morgan

Clinical reasoning in nursing: Developing an achievement-based framework

Minu Saratchandra

Achieving knowledge ambidexterity in small and medium enterprises using cloud computing

John Malcolm Seach

Magnetic Fields of F-Type Stars

Ekta Sharma

Artificial intelligence and clean air: Development of novel algorithms with machine learning and deep learning

Chee Keong Wee

Adaptive fault diagnosis and resolution system for enterprise data replication system using deep reinforcement learning

Simone Collier

Exploration of the barriers and enablers of mainstream classroom teachers accessing professional development on trauma-informed classroom pedagogy: The nativity of the embrace framework

Eric Leonardo Perez

Investigating the foresight and strategic thinking capabilities of Australian agricultural leaders: A mixed methods work-based study

Marnie Renae Gibson

Employee engagement, antecedents, and outcomes: Perceptions of what high engagement looks like for remote workers

Srinivas Kavuri

Impact of brand image of the business school: From the recruiters’ (employers’) perspectives

Kevin Alan Bartlett

Teachers’ and students’ experiences within the communicative language course of study in Japanese high schools: An instrumental case study

Clayton John Hamilton Lawrence

How does professional development align in the construction workplace when associated with integrated management systems?

Kheder Mahmoud

Realising the vision of technology integration: A case study of k-12 private schools in the United Arab Emirates

Susan Maree Abel

Making time online: Exploring social media as a tool for family connection

Ali Hassan Abdalla Mohamed Alhammadi

Strategies for enhancing supplier relationships

Ahmed Muyed Attiya

Factors affecting the perceived public value of social media in Queensland local government councils

Cristy Louise Bartlett

Teacher turnover intention: A Social Cognitive Career Theory perspective

Penelope Anne Bentley

Variation in Australian teachers’ experience of professional learning through Open Education

Caroline Blackley

Teacher decision making: The fulcrum of a productive teaching and learning environment

Edward Spencer Bliss

The effect of aerobic exercise on cerebrovascular function and cognition in older adults

Jason Leslie Brown

University students’ dispositional employability and career adaptive behaviour

Jodi Maree Courtice

The pathbiology and epidemiology of campylobacter hepaticus in commercial layer poultry

Alan Kelvin Getley

Detecting binary star planetary and brown dwarf companions from analysis of eclipse timing variations

Bonnie Green

Exploring the Relationship Between Private Piano Teachers’ Creative Identities as Musicians and Their Teaching Practices

Christie Sze Yi Han

Psychometric properties, mood profile clusters, and predictive effectiveness of the Brunel Mood Scale in a Singaporean context

Michael Healy

Toward an integrative pedagogy of careers and employability learning in higher education

Leila Javazmi

Fabrication and characterization of multi-layered nanofiber structures for potential applications in agriculture

Kay Anne Lembo

Effective secondary science teacher professional development and growth: A Queensland case study

Tarik Rajab Binarros Mabad

The Role of RFID in improving the supply chain performance of small and medium construction companies in Australia and enhancing their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Ammar Sabri Majeed

Close-range photogrammetry and gait pressure for perpetrator identification

Craig Nathan Oliver

Flight instrument monitoring: The effect of crew resource management and unexpected events on monitoring performance

Bishnu Hari

An assessment of the economic and environmental implications of selective logging: Case studies in Queensland Australia and the Tarai Region Nepal

Kathy Sue Reeves

Access to justice: Why do litigants self-represent in Queensland child protection courts?

Pauline Joanne Ross

Mapping the supply network and resource constraints of publicly funded university research commercial transfer within Australia

Tracey Marea Sanderson

Igniting a passion for reading: What support do parents need to foster a passion for reading in their children?

Sudhan Vikram Shah

Nutrient-fortified Metarhizium anisopliae granules for the management of soil-borne insect pests of sweet potato

Nab Raj Subedi

Measuring the impact of land use regulation on the land market in Nepal

Juliet Aleta Rovera Villanueva

Investigating experiences and outcomes of K-12 blended learning classes through the Community of Inquiry framework

Wahid Azmy

The possible futures of work engagement by 2030: A mixed methods study investigating strategic leadership and engagement in Singapore

Baburam Adhikari

A comparative study of the effect of mergers and acquisitions on the financial performance in commercial banks in Nepal

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