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UK-US-Australia collaboration scales plant growth in preparation for space exploration
Historic grant to improve intersex people’s health and wellbeing
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Even as the fusion era dawns, we’re still in the Steam Age
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Diana Hallam announced as AFPA’s new Chief Executive Officer
Women take more antidepressants after divorce than men but that doesn’t mean they’re more depressed
Community Scholarship Fund springboard for 28 young locals
Climate change will strike Australia’s precious World Heritage sites – and Indigenous knowledge is a key defence
Paju students resume study tour to Toowoomba Region, inject $110,000 in economy
Terrain exhibition highlights UniSQ ceramic artists’ technical skills, concepts at Rosalie Gallery
TRC congratulates 2024 Australia Day award recipients
UniSQ Mechanical Engineering Honours student awarded 2024 W. H. Groom Scholarship
Meteors, supermoons, a comet and more: your guide to the southern sky in 2024
Want to get into stargazing? A professional astronomer explains where to start
Theo Murphy Initiative (Australia) grant funding recipients for 2023-24 announced
Australia’s rarest waterbird thrives at Inland Rail biodiversity offset site
The Geminids: the year’s best meteor shower is upon us. And this one will be a true spectacle
Celebrating our new midwives and welcoming them to the health system
Appointments to National Cultural Heritage Committee
CEO pays tribute to outgoing Mayor Bob Manning
Premier meets with China’s Ministry of Education to strengthen vocational education and training links
Will Saturn’s rings really ‘disappear’ by 2025? An astronomer explains
Young achievers encouraged to apply for 2024 W. H. Groom scholarship
Funding boost to support wellbeing of Queensland’s veterans
$7.7M ARC Discovery Grants for 15 projects
What to wear for a climate crisis
Expert all-rounder joins CASA Board
Taste of future: crafting new dairy products
New appointee to CASA board
New blood across RDC boards
Data sharing platform to transform Ag industry
Queensland’s quantum economy set for lift off with new strategy
Five forecast tools to help you make better decisions
Health Professional & Industry Roundtable
Research quality drives outstanding result in global university rankings
7 years, billions of kilometres, a handful of dust: NASA just brought back the largest-ever asteroid sample
University team gears up for NASA capsule return
Are we about to see a rare green comet light up the sky? An expert on what to expect from Nishimura