Latest Tanzania News

New cassava varieties endorsed for release in Nigeria
Burnet support for WHO Labour Care Guide
Elephant genetics guide conservation
International team to assess climate risks to African cultural heritage
Australia announces new High Commissioner to Kenya
Climate impacts could put major fishery, food security at risk in East Africa
Unblocking Bottlenecks in Financial Relief Critical for Survival of Air Transport in Africa
1 new case of COVID-19 18 July
Mixture and Migration Brought Food Production to sub-Saharan Africa
Humans disrupt giraffes’ social system
FAO makes gains in fight against Desert Locusts in East Africa and Yemen but threat of a food security crisis
WA midwife, Sara David, recognised on International Day of Midwife
Vines are drying: USC scientist delivers forest fire warning
FAO welcomes Russian Federation’s $10 million donation to support fight Desert Locusts in East Africa
UN fast tracks $10 million loan to help scale up FAO action to fight Desert Locusts
A hunger fighter empowers farmers with NextGen Cassava
Kabanga North and North East tanazanian nickel tenements granted
FAO welcomes €17 million contribution from Germany to combat impact of Desert Locust upsurge
Study indicates alarming fall in dolphin numbers
FAO welcomes European Union contribution of €11 million to fight Desert Locust outbreak
Locusts in East Africa: A race against time
Locusts swarm into northern Uganda as Oxfam looks toward a $5m response across region
Community-based counselors help mitigate grief, stress among children orphaned
FAO welcomes global recognition of fruits, vegetables, tea and food loss and waste
Drop in cholera cases worldwide, as key endemic countries report gains in cholera control
Project adapts basic tech to give voice to patients in Africa
African research sheds light on Queensland weed issue
Ostrich eggshell beads reveal 10,000 years of cultural interaction across Africa
Volunteering: Bridege2Aid Australia making a dental difference in Tanzania
As climate shocks intensify, UN food agencies urge more support for Southern Africa’s hungry people
Blood test allows quick TB diagnosis in remote areas
$620K donation to charities from Brisbane-based software company TechnologyOne
Newborn baby deaths in Africa targeted in $68M initiative
WHO and Tanzania angry at each other over Ebola
Mastercard and Rabobank Join to Bring Financial Inclusion Tools to 1 Million Farmers
Mental health professionals from nine African nations at QUT for a customised course
Rare Antelopes and Black Cats
Chinese Martial Arts Legend’s Hometown Attracts African Practitioners
Mastercard Debuts PRICELESS – An International Culinary Collective Bringing World’s Finest Dining and Cocktail Experiences to New York City
Southampton prepares to celebrate 2019 summer graduation
Warwick in Africa education programme comes to Kenya thanks to COSARAF foundation
Joeys set for Canberra camp as Brazil build-up continues
Meaghan Daly presents research at European climate change conference in Portugal
Researchers find genes that could help create more resilient chickens
New funding boosts efforts to combat deforestation, desertification
Emerging leaders explore challenges facing world’s oceans
Human ancestors invented stone tools several times
Dani’s life-changing experience changing people’s lives