STATEMENT from maritime union RE Patrick Terminals



The course of action taken today by Patrick Terminals today is poor form and is another example of the corporate arrogance and hubris by Patrick’s senior management that has prevented earlier resolution of the few issues in our contract negotiations with them.

There’s more than enough fake news, spin and misrepresentation in the world today without Patrick Terminals’ latest egregious contribution.

Their announcement demonstrates a contempt for their employees. These are all hard working, proud workers who deliver for the Patrick Terminal business without complaint every day in the face of the enormous and debilitating conditions of COVID19.

This attack in the Fair Work Commission amounts to bullying and intimidation. It is being done in such a way as to try to defame the workforce in a most disgraceful fashion by distorting public perceptions of a legally sanctioned bargaining process.

The disagreements between the two parties are easily resolved and have been achieved within the industry with other stevedoring companies without them resorting to this type of character assassination.

To seek to undermine the negotiations in this way at this critical time degrades the legitimate rights and needs of workers and their families, along with those same rights and needs in the wider working community.

Our members are simply seeking fair pay and job security at a time when the Patrick Terminals business is enjoying spectacular growth in cargo volumes.

Workers and their representatives will be at the bargaining table tomorrow where this negotiation deserves to be, discharging our responsibilities in bargaining with respect and professionalism with the company regardless of this pointless and damaging provocation.

/Public Release.