Statement regarding Tyabb Airfield

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Media statement regarding the Tyabb Airfield

11 June 2019

The Tyabb authorised landing area has operated in Tyabb since the early 1960’s, when planning approval was granted by the then Minister for Local Government. At the time the constraints of the site were recognised, including its proximity to the Tyabb township, but the airfield was considered acceptable primarily as a small scale club based facility. The initial permit included four conditions, one of which prohibited take-offs and landings on Sunday mornings between 9.30 am and 10.30am to avoid conflict with church service times.

Council does acknowledge that over the years the level of activity at and around the authorised landing area has increased.

Furthermore, the Tyabb township has changed significantly since the 1960’s and the number of people living in and around Tyabb has increased.

In response to these changes the Council has attempted to work with the privately operated Peninsula Aero Club for more than a decade to modernise the relevant planning approvals that exist on the site. Unfortunately this could not be resolved and therefore this led Council to develop the Tyabb Airfield Precinct Plan in conjunction with the Peninsula Aero Club, local businesses and the broader Tyabb community. The plan was subsequently adopted by Council in 2017.

A critical element of the Tyabb Airfield Precinct Plan was the preparation of a more detailed Airfield Master Plan and Aircraft Noise Management Plan. The Peninsula Aero Club, the owners and operators of the main landing area related facilities agreed to prepare the Master Plan and to engage in public consultation whilst Council commissioned a professional noise assessment study to facilitate the concurrent preparation of a noise management plan.

Council is the responsible authority to ensure that land uses operate in accordance with the planning permit conditions. As a result of recent community complaints about the Sunday morning curfew, Council encouraged the Aero Club to lodge applications to delete the Sunday curfew. Council has the ability to place new conditions on existing planning permits and it was proposed to seek the development of a Master Plan and also implement a more appropriate curfew for flying (sundown on Saturday evening through to 9am on Sunday morning) having regard to the change in circumstances since the 1960’s. However, the applications were withdrawn by the Peninsula Aero Club prior to a final decision by Council.

Council has recently advised the Peninsula Aero Club and other landowners and businesses in the precinct, that there aren’t any existing planning approvals and there is a need to follow due process and comply with the planning scheme.

We encourage and will work with all businesses across the Shire to ensure they comply with the planning scheme so they can operate legally and successfully.

Council are ultimately seeking the preparation and approval of an agreed Airfield Master Plan and Noise Management Plan covering all aspects of the current and future operations, and linked to updated planning permit approvals for the precinct. This would ensure the appropriate use and development of the authorised landing ground, whilst improving the amenity of residents now and in the future.

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