Tackling Hudson pear in North West NSW


The NSW Government continues to tackle the threat of Hudson pear, carrying out biological control over 150,000 hectares of land across Lightning Ridge and Walgett last year.

The ramped-up approach has been led by two new positions the NSW Government created with North West Local Land Services to oversee coordination of the Hudson Pear Control Program.

Further supporting efforts to combat the problem cacti has been a new initiative to supply free chemical to eligible landholders for spraying.

Currently, landholders with Hudson pear on their property in the Brewarrina and Walgett shires can submit an expression of interest to gain access to chemical.

Aerial inspections are also being used on the frontline to identify and map new outbreaks of the weed outside known containment lines, helping guide future control efforts.

The program runs until June 2027 and aims to stop the invasive cactus spreading in the region, while the core infestation is treated using biological control.

Local Land Services leads the program in collaboration with stakeholders including Castlereagh Macquarie County Council, NSW Department of Primary Industries and land managers.

Hudson pear is an invasive cactus species of Mexican origin that was introduced into north-western NSW.

More information about the Hudson Pear Control Program and to see how you can get involved.

Agriculture Minister Tara Moriarty said:

The Hudson Pear Control Program is a great example of government, industry and landholders working together and finding innovative solutions to tackle Hudson pear.

Hudson pear degrades the landscape and its potential spread across NSW poses several risks to farmers, agricultural productivity, tourism and local ecosystems.

In recent months, our teams have been on the frontline engaging the community to roll out a free spraying program for eligible landholders to help the state manage Hudson pear and this will continue in 2024.

This spraying program has targeted over 50,000 hectares with chemical already, while more than 150,000 hectares has been targeted through a biological control approach.

The NSW Government has also set up a monitoring program in recent months to assess the impacts of a bushfire on Hudson pear in the region and this is expected to be an extensive process that will continue over coming months.

We are encouraging landholders to continue to get involved in the program and to take advantage of the support available through the NSW Government.

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