Latest NSW Department of Primary Industries News

New measures to prepare for spring bee swarming
NSW farmers research-ready to tackle feathertop Rhodes grass
Applications now open for 2022 Gone Fishing Day Grants
Business development opportunity for commercial fishers
Special permit to move bees in flood warning areas
Next round of Habitat Action Grants open
Varroa surveillance reveals additional infestations
New stripe rust trials to create early warning network for northern growers
Varroa tracing confirms additional detections
Further detections of Varroa mite as surveillance continues
Port bottlenecks holding Australia back
Red zone expanded due to new Varroa detections
Novel in-season approach may help growers avoid frost damage
Disaster recovery: don’t go it alone
One turtle killed every twelve days on NSW coast by shark nets in past year, new data reveals
Funding boost for rock fishing safety
Flood Recovery July 2022
Swan Lake Artificially Opened Illegally 20 July
Hive Movement Declaration open for Beekeepers
Beekeepers required to register their hives with NSW DPI
Farm Safety Week
New plan to allow pollination movements
New NSW extension officer for fisheries, aquaculture R&D
Latest in grains research headed to Queensland
New Varroa mite detection at Wards River
Hooked at Mount Druitt Swimming Pool
Holidaying in Bali? Play your part in protecting our livestock industry
Beekeepers permitted to work hives
NSW DPI varroa mite update
GRDC looks to better understand nitrogen loss to improve system modelling
Historical datatset could help scientists better understand sharks
Surveillance key to stemming Varroa incursion
NSW DPI tracing efforts successful in Varroa response
Agriculture and animal emergency flood hotline reactivated
NSW DPI links new Varroa mite detection to known cases
Varroa mite emergency order extended to include Port Stephens
Special permit granted for flood-affected beekeepers during Varroa incursion
New emergency zones effective for Varroa mite
Help shape how farmers access crucial climate information and forecasts
Next steps for Darkes Road repairs – Wollongong
Aboriginal Fishing Trust Fund application deadline extended
New biosecurity zone set up for varroa mite
Statewide emergency order issued for varroa mite in NSW
Native sportfish season re-opens in September
Varroa mite incursion detected in NSW
Test drivers give pilot weed tool workout in Bathurst
$1 billion for NSW primary industries
New rules in line for recreational fishers