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COSMIC Among First to be Named to Global Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative
Twins Study Indicates Environmental Factors Significant in Alzheimer’s Pathology
Impact of Cultural Bias in Diagnosing Cognitive Decline and Dementia
Long Term Cognitive Decline Following Stroke
Having at Least High School Degree and Complex Job Linked to Dementia Prevention
First National Memory Clinic Guidelines to Support Dementia Diagnosis
New Direction in Research Comparing Brain Health of Identical and Non-Identical Twins
Festive Season Opportunity to Address Alcohol Concerns
Human Longevity is Associated with Brain White Matter Hyperintensities
Keeping Connected: Social Health and Ageing
Why you may be feeling anxious exiting lockdown
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Research Investigates Views of People Living with Dementia
Do brain training apps, games and puzzles enhance brain health?
CHeBA Launches Dementias Platform Australia to Make Study of Ageing ‘Truly Global’ 27 September
Sex-Specific Risk Factor Management Strategies May Reduce Cerebral Small Vessel Disease
$2.2M Investment for National Platform for Secure Research Collaboration
Drinking Linked to a Decline in Brain Health Across Lifespan
Machine Learning Predicts Onset of Dementia
Two-Way Influence Between Cognition and Social Connection Outside Home
Positive Mental Health, Positive Ageing
Chronic diseases and public health failures fuelling COVID-19 pandemic: study
Healthy life expectancy across Australia on rise as latest global disease estimates revealed
Blood Pressure Treatment Associated with Double Rate of Cognitive Decline in Older Individuals
Metformin treatment linked to slowed cognitive decline
Dementia Divide between Rural and Metropolitan Areas
Improving GP Assessment, Diagnosis and Management of Dementia
Depression Unlikely to be a Risk Factor for Dementia
New Mechanisms to Reduce Impact of Neuroinflammatory Diseases
Blood Pressure Medication Use Appears Helpful by Slowing Down Spread of Alzheimer’s Disease
More Years of Education Reduces Risk of Dementia
A New Version of a Theory of Mind Assessment for Older Adults
Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Genetic Variants for Two Neuroimaging Traits
Reversing Cognitive Decline through Reduced Alcohol Consumption – World First Study
Australian Mental Health Prize – Call for Nominations
Over-use of Antipsychotics Without Consent in Long Term Aged Care
Research Grant to Fund Major Advance in Fight Against Dementia
Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Worse Cognitive Performance After a Stroke; Prediabetes not Linked, but Prevention Needed
Certain Memory Complaints Predict Future Dementia
Cost-Effective Non-Pharmacological Approaches for Dementia Care
Measuring Complexity of Brain
People Aged 95+ Show Stronger Brain Connectivity
New Evaluation of Telephone Screening Test Increases Accessibility to Cognitive Assessment for Older Australians
New Rating Scale Developed to Quantify Cerebrovascular Damage
CHeBA Funding Success to Unravel Human Brain Ageing
Property Industry Leads Most Successful Wipeout Dementia to Date – $205,000 Raised
Research Reveals No Link Between Statins and Memory Loss
Property Industry Embraces Corporate Social Responsibility to Wipeout Dementia