Latest complex trauma News

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Replanting birthing trees
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Blue Knot Day 2022: Acknowledging more than 5 million Australian adults who have experienced complex trauma
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‘Transformative’ process recognised with national Award for Excellence
Hard truth about child sexual exploitation in home
NSW new $130million to fast track state’s mental health recovery
National Centre for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse to be driven by consortium of leading expert organisations
$130 million to fast track state’s mental health recovery
$130 million to fast track NSW Mental Health Recovery
Flourish Australia welcomes children’s mental health strategy, announces new initiatives for Women and Children
Barriers prevent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women from reporting family violence
Half a million pounds awarded to evaluate new NHS mental health and wellbeing services, ‘Resilience Hubs’
Sanctions for failure to join National Redress Scheme welcomed
Victims right to speak out about abuse
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Corona-anxiety: how to recognise warning signs in kids & adolescents
Women not safe from violence in mental health inpatient facilities
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