Latest Earth News | Page 58

More Kiwi students take leap to NASA
Scientists detect a black hole swallowing a neutron star
Regulator refuses renewal of Bendigo mine licences
Recognising excellence in road works safety
Super-deep diamonds shine new light on Earth’s ancient past
Gift of 500M from LKSF to Set Up Hong Kong’s First Institute of Synthetic Biology in HKUST
Virtual reality tool game changer for training New Zealanders on benefit
Tektites don’t come from moon, but might help scientists understand how it formed
Young Jupiter was smacked head-on by massive newborn planet
WashU Expert: Proposed changes will stamp out ‘countless species’
Research team receives grant to commercialize 3D-printed concrete system
Study: Fracking prompts global spike in atmospheric methane
Satellite data reveal African CO2 emissions
James Webb Space Telescope could begin learning about TRAPPIST-1 atmospheres
Fluorescent glow may reveal hidden life in cosmos
Forest carbon still plentiful post-wildfire after century of fire exclusion
Searching for gold with habitat restoration in mind
First cells on ancient Earth may have emerged because building blocks of proteins stabilized
First evidence of human-caused climate change melting West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Gold at end of a cosmic ray
WorkCover win for Hazelwood mine fire excavator operator
Stunning art exhibition weaves tales of climate change
Deep dives, green steel, Star Wars – National Science Week kicks off
Royal Society Fellow to explore Earth’s ‘magnetic’ relationship with Sun
Launch of 2019 National Science Week at QVMAG
Thai cave diver surfaces at Sandy Bay
Victorian geology strikes a find in Kalgoorlie
Curtin research helps solve mystery of when plate tectonics emerged
Giant New Zealand bird a whopping ‘squawkzilla’
Can life exist on a snowball planet? New University research says yes
Nature offers potential for endless renewable fuel supplies
Repeating outflows of hot wind found close to black hole
Volcanic hotspots and marine life focus of Coral Sea voyage
Hercules takes one giant leap into remote NT community
Improved assessment approach works for industry
Anaemic star carries mark of its ancient ancestor
Paleontologists at University and ROM discover fossils of new predatory species
UQ founders pitch big things
TESS satellite uncovers ‘first nearby super-Earth’
What is an astrophysicist?
A Eureka moment for UOW-led research team
Designs Released For Latrobe Valley GovHub
Rocket science at JCU
Space mining kits blast off for tests in orbit
Electricity-Driven Undersea Reactions May have Been Important for Emergence of Life Tokyo Tech team
Information on grants, friendship agreements and disaster relief
Star nearing death offers a preview of our Sun’s fate
Mighty Earth Complaint to Forest Stewardship Council for dissociation of Korindo dismissed by FSC