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Travel focused on traditional partners and Middle East
Honey is said to help with hay fever symptoms – here’s what the research says about this claim
The UN Security Council has finally called for a ceasefire in Gaza. But will it have any effect?
AI can help predict whether a patient will respond to specific tuberculosis treatments, paving way for personalized care
Israel government continues to block aid response despite ICJ genocide court ruling, says Oxfam
Leopold Tennis Pavilion Redevelopment Underway as New Playground is Installed
Naval Battle of Dardanelles on 18 March 1915 determined Anzac fate
Ambassador For Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 10 March
Aid system at the brink of total collapse and women give birth to stillborn babies as the risk of famine looms large in Gaza
NZ can help people fleeing Gaza with emergency family reunification – will the government act?
Other nations are applying sanctions and going to court over Gaza – should NZ join them?
Reforms to boost productivity and private investment would help secure stronger growth, more high-quality jobs and increased living standards in Egypt: OECD
Why Egypt refuses to open its border to Palestinians forcibly displaced from Gaza
Romans kept black henbane seeds in hollowed-out bone, a new study has found. Here’s what they might have been used for
Aid agencies warn of catastrophic humanitarian consequences of looming Rafah ground invasion
James willett: all bronzed up at Morocco World Cup
Attacks on United States Personnel in Middle East, Retaliatory Strikes Threaten to Worsen Regional Stability, Political Affairs Chief Tells Security Council
Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General
Love and Hate in Ancient Times
Our ancient primate ancestors had an appetite for soft fruits – and their diet shaped human evolution
Digital ‘history machines’ are never politically neutral
Holding Ancient Societies Together
Two-State Solution ‘Only Way to Avoid Endless Cycles of Fear, Hatred, Violence’, Secretary-General Tells Security Council Debate on Middle East
Tobacco use declines despite tobacco industry efforts to jeopardize progress
As Israel’s Aerial Bombardments Intensify, ‘There Is No Safe Place in Gaza’, Humanitarian Affairs Chief Warns Security Council
Daily death rate in Gaza higher than any other major 21st Century conflict – Oxfam
Study NT student ambassadors announced
WOMADelaide announces final four international artists for March festival
Flinders Ranges named in international travel publications best destinations
Chance find fulfils 110-year mission to give ancient Nubians a voice
University members recognised in 2024 New Year Honours
Spirit of giving binds us all
Researchers extol skills of ancient Egyptian medics
COP28 closes with historic agreements, but significant shifts still needed
Screen Australia announces over $6.9 million of production funding for 11 projects
Ancient Egyptian blockbuster opens at National Museum of Australia
Hard-fought COP28 agreement suggests the days of fossil fuels are numbered – but climate catastrophe is not yet averted
UN General Assembly tenth emergency special session: protection of civilians and upholding legal and humanitarian obligations – explanation of vote
Joint statement – Prime Ministers of New Zealand, Australia and Canada
Joint statement – Prime Ministers of Australia, Canada and New Zealand
The Sudan: Escalating conflict and persistent economic decline deepen food security crisis
Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General
People of Gaza ‘Being Told to Move like Human Pinballs’, but Nowhere Is Safe, Secretary-General Tells Security Council, Pleading for Humanitarian Ceasefire
Governments continue discussions on pandemic agreement negotiating text
Overfishing in the Mediterranean and Black Sea falls to lowest level in a decade
COP28 must be a ‘game changer’ for agrifood systems, FAO Director-General urges
COP28 climate summit just approved a ‘loss and damage’ fund. What does this mean?
Reporting on Resolution 2712 (2023) Implementation, Secretary-General Warns Security Council People of Gaza in Midst of Epic Humanitarian Catastrophe