Latest family court News

$355,000 penalties for Brisbane sushi restaurant
Government action to tackle delays in Family Court
Window and door fabrication business penalised
Construction business penalised
Coffee and fast food company operators in court
Cleaning business operators in court 30 June
Electrical services business in court 30 June
Sydney recycled timber business in court
Souvlaki restaurant operators in court
Gold Coast telecommunications company in court
Tyre maintenance and fitting company faces court
$108,000 penalty after grocery worker underpaid
Salon operator penalised
CEPU and official penalised $72,000 for acting in an improper manner at Sunshine Coast construction site
Budget strengthens women’s safety and economic security
$204,000 penalties for Brisbane fast food operators
Former horseriding recreation centre in court
NSW distribution business faces court
Increase to general federal law court fees
Increase to family law fees
Security company penalised 14 June
Former restaurant operators penalised
Appointment to Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia 10 June
Appointment to Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia
QLD CFMMEU official Andrew Blakeley has entry permit suspended for three months
Senior Counsel to join expanded Family Court bench
Former operator of cleaning business in court
Southern Sydney café in court
New family law Critical Incident List to help make arrangements for children during time of crisis
Former bistro business operators face court
Adelaide cleaning business operator in court
Vaping company in court on cashback allegation
Removal and storage business in court
Former hotel operator faces court
Operators of hair and beauty salon in court
Former fitness centre operator in court
ABCC takes court action to recover outstanding wages for worker
Former convenience store operator penalised
Former Kilmore bistro operator penalised
Building business operators penalised
Café operator penalised
Residential construction company in court
Former Perth restaurant operators penalised $77,922
Home construction contract company in court
Furniture delivery business operator in court
Queensland fence construction company penalised
Financial advisory business operators face court
Sydney roofing business in court