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France signs agreements to support WHO’s work
Governments continue discussions on pandemic agreement negotiating text
Future of medicine combines naturopathy and conventional methods
Nonalcoholic beer at higher risk for foodborne pathogens
Israel and the occupied territories: President of the ICRC arrives in Gaza, calls for the protection of civilians
Israel and the occupied territories: Suffering for civilians continues as hostilities resume
Leanne Liddle Awarded 2024 ANZSOG First Nations Scholarship
Changing Gender Attitudes in Lebanon Through Schools: Karmen Chebib, UNITAR Alumna
Digital Skills Programme for Women and Youth in Africa Launched
Training an international workforce to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct
Israel and the Occupied Territories: ICRC teams begin multi-day operation to reunite hostages and detainees with their families, deliver assistance
UNITAR to Launch Metaverse Experience to Celebrate 60th Anniversary
Palestinian Nurse on 15th Day of Hunger Strike
WHO, WIPO, WTO Symposium highlights interrelatedness of climate change and human health
Sudan: Brutal, targeted attacks on civilians must stop
CIFAL Global Network Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
ICRC President in Qatar to urge progress to alleviate humanitarian crisis
Palestinian Nurse on Ninth Day of Hunger Strike
New WHO and Ministry of AYUSH, Republic of India agreement signed to advance traditional, complementary, and integrative medicine
WHO Costing and Budgeting Tool for National Action Plans on Antimicrobial Resistance: Catalysing collaboration in the United Republic of Tanzania
ICRC President to meet with families of hostages
Independent reviews to ensure no stone left unturned
Israel and the Occupied Territories: The ICRC urges protection for Gaza civilians evacuating and staying behind
Israel and the Occupied Territories: ICRC demands protection of patients, healthcare workers, medical facilities in Gaza amid escalating attacks
ICRC President tells Gaza forum: civilians must be protected, hostages must be released unharmed
Israel and the Occupied Territories: Horrific suffering of civilians must end
UNITAR hosts a gala concert entitled “Music from all corners of the world for peace and our planet” to conclude its 60th anniversary year
Appointment of Australian Ambassadors
Antibiotics for common childhood infections no longer effective
Landmark listing of first three countries as WHO-Listed regulatory Authorities
Who cares in peacebuilding? Monash University and international partner organisations call for action to improve support for carers
Israel and the Occupied Territories: War surgery team, new medical supplies arrive in Gaza amidst a deepening humanitarian crisis
Digital Reskilling for Ukrainian Women Evacuees in Poland Programme Launched at Warsaw Ceremony
“Never Fear to Begin”: Kenyan Entrepreneur Susan Wanjiru Calls Out to Women
Gene discovery may help growers battle grape downy mildew
New Zealand calls for humanitarian pause in Gaza
WHO and ECHO discuss the way forward in strengthening their partnership and innovative ways of cooperation
First meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on Genomics
Sudan: Six months into the conflict vast humanitarian needs remain unmet
Israel and the Occupied Territories: Hospitals risk turning into morgues without electricity; hostages must be released immediately
Israel and the Occupied Territories: Targeting civilians leads to further spirals of violence and hatred
Haiti: ICRC to expand humanitarian efforts in response to rising violence
WHO announces the members of the first Taskforce of AMR Survivors
EVIPNet and University College London launch new project to pilot the WHO checklist on EIPM institutionalization
Bridging Borders for Climate Action at Global Youth Climate Dialogue
WHO, WADA sign memorandum of understanding to collaborate on clean, drug-free sport
Ground-breaking research series on health benefits of the arts
Combination of personalized cancer vaccine and adoptive T cell therapy benefits patients with advanced ovarian cancer