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Climate Group Welcomes Two New North American Board of Directors
New research reveals more work is required to reduce negative effects of heat stress on milk production
Marine conservationists would welcome support for hard hit reef tourism sector
Ropey roadmap to gas would cook our Reef
2020 Kinder Houston Area Survey reveals growing sense of solidarity, empathy ahead of pandemic
NUS engineers invent hybrid air conditioner that reduces electricity consumption
New partnership to boost business use of smart LED lighting
Rising temperatures likely to increase damage caused by plant pathogens
Incitec Pivot releases super-potent climate pollutant from chemical plant in Queensland
Glacier hazards on increase in warming world
Ensuring as health professionals our own house is in order and leading by example
Agricultural pickers in US to see unsafely hot workdays double by 2050
Creating a sustainable future for all
How one artist in isolation is keeping his head in clouds
Climate target to come under expert scrutiny
This Earth Day, businesses are taking ambitious climate action
Plan urgently needed to meet threats to human survival
Bushfire survivors LAUNCH legal Action AGAINST EPA
NTU and SMI launch comprehensive report to help shipping industry adopt alternative and greener fuels
Reef resilience projects like ‘pushing water uphill’ without cutting emissions
Estuaries are warming at twice rate of oceans and atmosphere
Guyra bin audit to assess Organics collection
Twitter data may offer policy makers a glimpse into demand for renewable energy
Green Light for Hydrogen – SA Backs Renewable Energy Exports
Plants under pressure
Cornell joins global research university climate alliance
Climate change to affect fish sizes and complex food webs
A forest and its history, threatened
New report tells grim story of heat, drought and fire
Coral tells own tale about El Niño’s past
Ships’ emissions create measurable regional change in clouds
Leaked video shows Adani still plans biggest coal mine in Australia
We should be able to rely on politicians – not weather – to protect our Reef
Five Women Setting Net-Zero Emissions Targets in States and Regions
Some of most climate-vulnerable countries receive less than $2 per person a year to help them tackle
World’s smelliest fruit could charge your mobile phone
UNSW steps up action on climate change
Minister, Secretary confirm ADF has no plan for 4 degrees warming
Senate Estimates reveal Australia not on track for Paris climate targets: Bandt
Second hottest summer on record evidence of climate health emergency
Australian Summer Now Over One Month Longer
NT Fracking Worse Than All Australian Coal Power Stations Combined
Net-zero by 2050 not enough, Australia’s leading climate scientists say
Greens Bill bans all coal mines in Galilee Basin
Net zero by 2050 and new coal mines will not save us from climate emergency: Bandt
Government risks Reef ‘in danger listing with new coral bleaching
Bushfire Royal Commission should be a turning point on climate change and extinction crisis
Frozen air reveals human-caused emissions of fossil methane much higher than previously estimated