Latest Guinea News

Excavation reveals major ancient migration to Timor Island
A rare find in ancient Timorese mud may rewrite the history of human settlement in Australasia
OMCG members and organised criminals targeted in major cross-border operation – Victoria and NSW
Natural gas role net zero role in focus as Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition opens in Perth
PNG learning journey follows the river
Rugby league in Perth and Papua New Guinea? Here’s what could be next for the NRL
Securing Australia’s Future In World
FEDERAL BUDGET: Australian Government must focus on local and global crises affecting children
New Zealand and Tuvalu reaffirm close relationship
Call For Applications: Sea And Human Security Training
Newly formed Centre aims to transform our understanding of violence against women
Better be-leaf it: celebrating International Day of Plant Health
NZ and Papua New Guinea to work more closely together
Supporting Elections On Land And Water
Eliminating Malaria In Our Region
Ashurst appoints Tureia Sample as new Projects and Corporate partner to lead Port Moresby office
Remembering Heroism 82 Years On
NZ to send political delegation to the Pacific
Rabobank Beef Industry Awards Dinner
Moving Loads In PNG
Police Vessel Van Diemen departing Tasmania Police fleet
Trust Undermined: Discrepancies in Asian Development Bank’s Climate Adaptation Finance Claims in Asia
Supporting Papua New Guinea: new laws to protect biodiversity
Inspiring Next Generation Of College Graduates
Wondering what Australia might look like in a hotter world? Take a glimpse into the distant past
Spartan Strengthens Partnerships In PNG
Three million dollars in grants for arts and culture projects in WA
Pacific Partnerships Strengthened During Joint Visit
Revolving door vs sliding door: what’s best for your building?
We Will Continue To Walk In Step – To Better Future
Key Milestone For Pacific Engagement Visa Program
Strengthening Anzac And PNG Bonds
We reconstructed landscapes that greeted the first humans in Australia around 65,000 years ago
Anzac Day Dawn Service
China’s money only goes so far – Kokoda shows why history binds PNG and Australia in a far deeper way
Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Australians Gather to Honour Anzac Day
Remembering Ngarrindjeri Anzacs
Minister Marles, Minister Keogh, Minister Conroy and Minister Thistlethwaite – Stop, pause and honour this Anzac Day
Stop, Pause And Honour This Anzac Day
Paramedics reflect on their Defence Force service on Anzac Day
Moree Veterans Recognised For Their Service
Kokoda Village Community Reception
Australian Prime Minister Television interview – Sky News First Edition
Overseas Memorials Pay Tribute To Aussie Diggers
View from The Hill: Albanese to walk Kokoda track and engage in some jungle diplomacy
Commemorating Anzac Day On Kokoda Track
Merchant Navy Veteran Honoured
Rio Tinto Releases First Quarter Production Results 17 April