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UN Human Rights Committee publishes findings on Chile, Guyana, Indonesia, Namibia, Serbia, Somalia and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
In Dialogue with Guyana, Experts of the Human Rights Committee Commend Measures Promoting Gender Equity, Ask About the Territorial Dispute with Venezuela…
In Dialogue with Serbia, Experts of the Human Rights Committee Commend the State’s Improved Anti-Discrimination Framework, Raise Issues Concerning Measures to Prevent…
Human Right Committee Opens One Hundred and Fortieth Session in Geneva
Scientists shocked to discover new species of green anaconda, the world’s biggest snake
FAO proposes five key actions to address climate-conflict nexus at the United Nations Security Council
As Mounting Climate Chaos, Food Crisis Undermine International Peace, Secretary-General Tell Security Council It Must ‘Act Now’ to Resolve Conflicts, Protect People
Attacks on United States Personnel in Middle East, Retaliatory Strikes Threaten to Worsen Regional Stability, Political Affairs Chief Tells Security Council
Press Conference by Security Council President on Programme of Work for February
Reasonable Grounds to Believe Sudanese, Opposition Forces Committing Atrocity Crimes in Darfur, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Tells Security Council
United Nations Not in Position to Verify Reports as Moscow, Kyiv Separately Investigate 24 January Russian Military Plane Crash, Political Chief Tells Security Council
Weapon Transfers Must Comport with International Law, Senior UN Official Tells Security Council, Urging Cooperation to Reduce Illicit Arms Flows
Briefing Security Council, Special Representative in Colombia Stresses Importance of Implementing Peace Agreement, Continuing Dialogue with Armed Actors
Reconfigured Regional Coordination Mechanism Key to Quell Widespread Insecurity, Avert More Coups in West Africa, Sahel, Special Representative Tells Security Council
Adopting Resolution 2722 (2024) with 11 Votes in Favour, 1 Against, Security Council Demands Houthis Immediately Stop Attacks on Merchant, Commercial Vessels…
Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General
Question of Veto Central to General Assembly’s Debate on Security Council Reform, with Speakers Urging Its Limited Use as ‘Weapon of Hatred and War’
Australian Judge re-elected to the International Court of Justice
Ms. Chisa Mikami, New Head of UNITAR Hiroshima Office
International Community Must Ensure Women Equally Participate in Peace, Political Processes, Delegate Underlines, as Security Council Concludes Annual Debate
African, Caribbean and Pacific countries ready to show the true potential of their fisheries and aquaculture sectors
President of India awards President of Australian Academy of Science
Australia announces new High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago 20 December
COP27: More action needed to elevate voices at forefront of climate change
New UN international partnership to fight climate change by increasing forestry
Agrifood systems transformation can help resolve Latin America’s food “paradox”
Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Holds Briefing for States Parties on its Draft General Recommendation
Winston LaRose, champion of Toronto’s Black community, receives honorary degree
Latin American and Caribbean countries establish priorities for FAO’s work in region
Annual meeting of FAO’s Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism discusses 2022-2025 phase
Global Environment Facility approves $13.6 million for FAO-led projects
Leaders in environmental law enforcement
Scientists suggest binding goals to rescue Amazon
Australia announces new High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago
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