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RethiNKing which immune cells are best weapon against lung cancer
International project seeks to improve cancer-fighting therapeutics
COVID-19 disrupting clinical trials, changing ‘essential’ cancer treatments
New potential weapon found in battle against cancer and inflammatory diseases
Tiny Protein Packages Released from Cells May Serve as Biomarkers for Early Blood-Based Cancer Diagnosis
Breast cancer ‘ecosystem’ reveals possible new targets for t
Brain cancer clinical trial gives hope to patients
Researchers target immune system to treat rare cancer
Christchurch researchers secure lion’s share of almost $1million in funding
Ludwig Lausanne’s Ping-Chih Ho named Lloyd J. Old STAR researcher
New technique can reduce heart transplant rejection
Partnership to develop head and neck cancer vaccine
Gene variations at birth
New keys found for unlocking head and neck cancer treatment
CAR-T cell therapy shows promising results against Hodgkin lymphoma
How AI is enabling COVID-19 research
Monash University scientists engineer low-cost immunotherapies
University spin-off Empirica Therapeutics acquired by U.S. firm
Ludwig Cancer Research study finds reprogramming of immune cells enhances effects of radiotherapy
Juanita L. Merchant appointed to Ludwig Institute’s Scientific Advisory Committee
Hyperactive immune cells accelerate heart valve disease: study
Location, location, location – even gut immune response is site-specific
Using Epo against Covid-19
Scientists identify new target for melanoma immunotherapy
New approaches to a COVID-19 treatment
Fighting throat cancer with T cells
US pharma giant backs UoQ vaccination device in A$18 million boost
Typhoid’s relative may be key to curing disease
Ludwig Lausanne study charts immune landscape of multiple brain cancers
More effective human antibodies possible with chicken cells
Gene sequencing guides girl’s life-changing arthritis treatm
Corona: vaccination without a needle?
Enzyme could hold key to improved allergy treatments
New clues to malaria vaccine potency
Research brings new knowledge of Graft-versus-host disease mechanisms
New type of immune cell discovered in breast ducts
Ludwig MSK study reveals bile metabolite of gut microbes boosts immune cells that can help contain
Impulse for Research on Fungi
Spikes of virus crown
Blood test could help health system identify most at-risk COVID-19 patients
Keeping stomach cancer at bay
Iowa State’s Nanovaccine Institute looks for new ways to protect public health
Immune boost against corona virus
New neurodegenerative disorder discovery
COVID-19: immune system can fight back
New drug combination could support better cancer treatments
Gut bacteria and immune system-mapping out interactions
Egg stem cells do not exist, new study shows